rogusa roses help needed

dobie, ON(Zone 3a)

I bought some rogusa rose seeds. Does anyone know what type of roses these are or what color they will be. planted 120 seeds and so far 56 have germinated, how many more can I expect to germinate. New at roses and started these for a hedge at our community center. Any info would be very helpful. Thanks Trailingon

Allen Park, MI(Zone 6a)

Rugosa's are a type of rose which inculde many different Species.


So as you can see you might have just about anything if they were labeled Rugosa.

Good Luck


dobie, ON(Zone 3a)


Iguess it will be a surprise then. Maybe i got a mixture that would be great. Any idea how big they get?

Allen Park, MI(Zone 6a)

I would say on average probably 6-8 ft. One thing with Rugosa's DO NOT SPRAY THEM; they do not like any sprays it will kill them. They are a pretty hardy rose that requires little care.A great rose for Canadian winters.
I just bought one last week "Martin Frobishier" a light pink.
The leaves are really neat looking unlike most other roses.


dobie, ON(Zone 3a)

Thanks a lot for your help. Its a good thing that they are hardy in Canada because I live in Northern Ontario.
Have a great gardening year.

Olive Branch, MS(Zone 7b)

Most likely you received seeds for the species rose, rosa rugosa or rosa rugosa alba. They are hardy carefree roses with either red or white single petaled flowers. They have great scent, and make great hedges. They tolerate harsh conditions, and really most every kind of envoronmental pollution except for being foliarly sprayed by chemicals--including fertilizer. It should take 5 years or so for them to reach full height from seed, then all you need do is thin out the old growth by approximately 1/3 every couple of years. Although they are drought tolerant, they need water until they are well established, and you may need to protect them their first winter out since they will be just seedlings. Mounding up leaves over them should do it just fine.

dobie, ON(Zone 3a)


thanks for your help. I will make sure to protect them this winter. How far apart should they be planted, I thought about 2' is that about right, also will they send up side shoots and should these be cut off?
Thanks trailingon

Stockholm, NJ(Zone 5b)


Where did you locate your "Martin Frobishier"? Would love to have the supplier's address.

Toledo, OH

I have a Rugosa Rose here in my yard.{"Hansa" deep magenta color} I only have one. If I had known then what I know now.I would have an entire yard of them as opposed to the HT's I have tried to grow the last 8 years...with some success and more failures then I care to count.

When I got this we had NO clue how big this was going to get. We moved it after the first season..[in the summer which my sister in law gave me ALOT of grief over]
It is now in the middle of the yard [largest bed we have here] And has to be over 3-4 foot wide and just as high.
I just deadheaded it last week and was curious as to how many blooms this had on it. [first time for the season] I'm a terrible "detail person" I drive my family crazy with all my lists I have for all this gardening stuff I do around here.

I am NOT kidding about this at all...I dead headed 467 spent blooms.[side note? it's full of new blooms again, with some open already]

I also have a "Heritage" which is an English Rose bush. First time blooms numbered 267.[DH last week]

I have a "CareFree Beauty"[shrub rose] at the back of my lot and last year it had more then 500 blooms on that in just one "flush" [right term?] This is another one of those "If I had known then...." stories.
I have not dead headed this one yet. I'm thinking of hiring a crew for this year. LOL!
All kidding aside? my daughter in law came and helped me with it last year with there being so many.

Thanks so much for having me here..and so sorry to have gone on so..I just LOVE talking about Roses.
take care and God bless everyone

Bay City, MI(Zone 6a)

Hi Annie:

I am probably getting off subject a little but what you said about dead heading caught my attention. I have a heritage and several other rose bushes I saved from a construction site. They are all doing great I would bet my "head count" would be well into the 100's but I have never dead headed must admit I garden by the seat of my pants LOL don't really know if what I am doing is right. So tell me how, when, why you dead head your rose bushes. I may try it on a couple of them to see the difference.

Thanks Sandy

Olive Branch, MS(Zone 7b)

A rose's reproductive cycle is complete when it forms hips, which contain the seeds. If you don't remove the spent blooms, the time between flushes is slowed, as the plant is busy putting it's energy into the seed production rather than a new cycle of blooms--just like any perennial. Deadheading will help with faster and more numerous rebloom cycles. Stop deadheading at least 6 weeks from your first frost date in order to encourage the rose to complete it's reproductive cycle and go dormant for the winter.

Wewahitchka, FL(Zone 8b)

My Heritage cuttings all died before rooting, and my rugosas never sprouted after transplanting. I haven't had much luck with roses this year. Also FINALLY got a long sought-after rugosa Rosa eglanteria and it died after it put on new growth.
I really think it was getting all the rain after getting none for months.(still getting rain about every day.)
I'm expecting rooted bush of R. eglanteria any day from 'Uncommon Rose' nursery. I have faith it will live. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

dobie, ON(Zone 3a)

Thanks for all your helpfolks, its been a blessing for me to find Dave's.
Cazique, hope the next rose does well for you.
If any of you have any rose seeds I sure would appreciate some as I'm trying to make a hedge 80 x 140 square.


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