Container Gardening can be painful

Just found out last month that the HOA is willing to address the issues of our balcony's after we get then treated for woodboring ants or termites. We started getting involved in this political issue when we noticed our balcony was not looking in nearly the good condition it was when we started 15 years ago and the HOA started saying it was the owners responsibility although the CC&Rs state Exterior is Association. But this year we have found damage breaking through to the surface of wood, so we need to get the balcony taken care of.

Now comes the painful part. When ever I have used chemicals for insect control it was a tossup whether the plants would make it through or not, so now I have somewhere over the number 250 of sharp, pokey things or crisp, delicate things I need to move to my MIL's six miles away.

Then there is the two story bougailvilla that DH & I will have to remove intertwining branchs from the upper railings. Then we might be able to call the gardeners to help butcher rest of the four bushes that surround the patio and balcony and have three inch thorns. They form a solid wall around the upper branchs and are only keeped shaped up by quarterly trimming by gardeners to the level of our fence. Then the chemical guys will come, then hopefully, some big, sweaty guys will come build a new balcony... pretty sure this just veered into make believe. But if they ARE going to do this stuff they will have to work around these bushes (but we have to cut them).

Then there is telling the two cats that is no longer their sunshine home. They spend a lot of time out there spying on the world! DH has been letting them out on the patio, but that is really the Garage, with all the tools, chemicals, and cat-unfriendly visitors like skunks or possums. Plus there is that four inch gap under the gate... The smallest cat is getting downright pushy about going out there, she is still out there as she darted out while I was carrying laundry... I'll be right back.

Anyway, looks like I am contemplating the mass move of my container garden which sounds like a lot of pain to me.


Well, I've got about 60 plants at MIL's **sigh**. I keep thinking I'll get 'lots of plants' moved then get distracted or depressed.

We've recently had a death in the family. Vacation plans gone awry.

Plus, with admitting all this needs to be moved, how can I justify new arrivals. When I see a 'to die for' at the nursery what am I to do? More pain. I can't start any seeds... I have a new visitor I hope all this disruption will relocate. A plant munching, stealing, overturning possum. Come to find out the termites are sooooo bad that is part of the reason that the possum moved in. He kept digging in my out door orchids, WHAT? So when replanting a piece he pulled out, I found out that my orchids are filled with termites also, feeding off the bark.

I guess I'll quit talking now, I just keep depressing my self with the overwhelming aspect of it all. Small tasks, small steps. Small tasks, small steps... small, remember small


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