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Green Dragon (Arisaema dracontium)

Old Town, FL

Common name: Green Dragon
Family: Araceae
Genus: Arisaema
Species dracontium

Plant Link:

Thumbnail by suncatcheracres
Mount Angel, OR(Zone 8a)

Is this a bloom or a seed head? The arums have a seed head kind of like this except green turning to orange.

Old Town, FL

This is a seedhead. The bloom is in early Spring, and it looks like a small Jack-in-the-pulpit, which also has a similar spike of brilliant red berries in the Fall--they are both in the genus Arisaema.

I've read about the arum fruit stalk, but I have never actually seen one in person. I'm still investigating whether I can grow any of the arums here in Northcentral Florida, zone 8b.

This little Green Dragon, as it is called locally, is a native plant, very inconspicious until this seed stalk catches your eye. This one was blooming at the bottom of a "fern-sink hole" on my six acre property--this is a small depression in the limestone rock which is on the surface instead of a few feet under the soil, and the limestone has eroded away. These depressions catch oak leaves and so eventually have a layer of soil on the bottom and are quite damp. Native ferns grow in these depressions also and many lizards and frogs like to hang out in them.

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