Peach trees

Monaca, PA(Zone 5b)

My frind has 2 peach trees that have a lot of green fruit but they fall off before they ripen. There doesn't appear to be any outward signs of disease.
Any ideas?

Glen Arm, MD(Zone 7a)

Did he thin them? Peaches can lose up to 90% of the fruit that sets and still have what is considered a full crop. If he still has time to thin then thin to 6" between fruit, that means alot of fruit on the ground.Seems like a waste but it's not. You'll get a bushel of 40-5" fruit if you thin or a bushel of 100-2" fuit if you don't. They may not have enough time to ripen before frost in your area.

Monaca, PA(Zone 5b)

Thanks I'm almost positive the trees weren't thinned. I'll be sure to pass on the information

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