lemon verbena?

Fulton, MS(Zone 7a)

HI All,
Has anybody got any lemon verbena? I have looked high and low and can't locate any. Would anybody be interested in selling me some. Have nothing to trade at present time just getting a very late start. Also like to buy some french tarragon.
Thanks All,

Austin, TX(Zone 8b)

Yesterday, I found some online at "Pantry Garden Herbs". Do a goggle search for their address.
Karen in Austin, TX

Eastern MA, MA

I received a Bluestone Perennial catalog the other day that had it .I had a plant a few years ago, but didn't have luck overwintering.

Austin, TX(Zone 8b)

In your zone, you can bring them inside and treat like a house plant. I read you need to do that.
The winter before last I put my pot on the side of the house and put mulch on top and it came back last year. Last year I just ignored it and the cold killed it.
The problem with me bringing them inside is I think my cats may eat it.
I purchased more plants this year because using the leaves in cooking and my green tea was great.

Eastern MA, MA

I had brought the plant into house for winter in hope using through winter and putting out again the following year but lost it. All the leaves fell off . I think it needed a more humid enviroment than a I was providing . I did try misting it. Ive thought of trying again ,but will try putting it on a tray of pepples with water to increase humidity. It does have a wonderful aroma and taste.

Deep East Texas, TX(Zone 8a)

1tjl ~ Hope you didn't compost the pot? My leaves all dropped and were slow about it but put on new growth. It didn't die. I think the roots are cold sensitive and the leaves are light sensitive.

Laylarose, I picked mine up from ebay.

Need to look at the Pantry Garden Herbs ~ sounds like an interesting site.

Akron, PA(Zone 6b)

In PA, years ago, I grew some lemon verbena that I got at a plant swap...mine was very invasive. It took years to remove it all from my beds. All gone now, otherwise I would have gladly sent you some...hope you have it now and that it is growing well for you.

Rockmart, GA

Hello all,
I'm new to DG so forgive any violation of protocol!
When you take your Lemon Verbena inside for the winter it *will* drop its leaves, maybe even all of them, & you look at this pot of sticks & think, well, [email protected]$. Despair not. She's just gone into her dormant period. Water sparingly, maybe every other time or every 3rd you water your other houseplants. Come the spring and warmth and light you will be *amazed* to see little green leaves starting from the nodes. I've overwintered Lemon Verbena for several years now.
I'm 7b, & let one stay outside one year & yes, she did overwinter. I think I was just lucky, though, because the next winter that plant didn't make it.

Deep East Texas, TX(Zone 8a)

Hi Judithht ~ Welcome and please, I don't think there is a protocol to violate. I think everyone has something to offer and I for one am not too old to learn.

I agree with you and think many times a LV gets pitched as folks think it died. So harvest the dropped leaves and be patient next spring? Hard to do but I am learing patience. Hope to see you around the garden... pod

Central Valley, CA(Zone 9b)

Richters Herbs and Possum Creek Herbs both have lemon verbena. I bought three from Richters, and they're all doing well.

Los Angeles, CA(Zone 10a)


San Francisco Bay Ar, CA(Zone 9b)

Rather B, are you referring to lemon verbena, or lemon balm?
Lemon verbena is a shrub. I've never seen it become invasive. Large and in need of pruning, yes, invasive no. Learn something new everyday!

Lemon balm is in the mint family and will spread out if you don't pull the runners back to their designated area.

Welcome Judith!

Northern, NJ(Zone 6b)

I'm sorry I don't have any extra lemon verbena to send you. I did purchase this plant for the first time this year. I must thank you all for the information on this plant, I had no idea it would grow to shrub size or how to overwinter it.

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