Hardy Ginger Lily 'Elizabeth' (Hedychium hybrid)

Old Town, FL

Common name: Hardy Ginger Lily 'Elizabeth'
Family: Zingiberaceae
Genus: Hedychium
Species hybrid

Plant Link: http://plantsdatabase.com/go/59481/

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Prosperity, SC(Zone 7b)

whrer did you find your pink ginger???

Baton Rouge, LA(Zone 8b)

I have a ginger that looks very much like this one - except that the flower color is definitely orange. Interestingly, it was sold to me as an Elizabeth. Obviously something is amis ---

I will say this - this one will grow in Baton Rouge if I find a source.

Niceville, FL(Zone 8b)

Does yours look like this one? The is pink flame (somone was colorblind).

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Old Town, FL

I acquired my 'Elizabeth' from a wholesale source in Gainesville, Florida, and I thought it was quite pricy--$15.00 for a small plant with just a few stalks--but I know it is very new and very striking in color, so I bought it anyway. I belong to the Nature Coast Koi and Watergarden club, and we take trips to various nearby plant nurseries throughout the year that open their doors to us because we show up in mass--sometimes up to sixty people--and buy in mass, and I bought mine on such a trip, and I believe I was lucky and got the last one they had! 'Elizabeth' is a very new introduction from Tom Woods, who is also a wholesale plantsman who specializes in Hedychiums located near Gainesville, Florida. Our club has also visited his nursery and 'Elizabeth' was described on both trips as being "a raspberry pink" in color--not salmon pink or orange.

I also have a 'Pink Flame,' acquired on the same day I bought 'Elizabeth,' and I believe there are some other colors in a 'flame' series. Of course, my grandparents grew white Hedychiums for years in South Louisiana and in South Georgia, but I'm just getting into the whole ginger craze because I have the perfect place to grow them in Northcentral Florida, zone 8b, under the shade of huge old oaks. A google search will bring up a lot of information, especially about the Hedychiums.

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