Yellow Walking Iris (Trimezia martinicensis)

Plant City, FL

Yellow Walking Iris
Trimezia martinicensis

Showy in shade, easy and reliable where root hardy. It is the easiest of the Neomaricas I've grown.

Thumbnail by TerriFlorida
Sebring, FL(Zone 9b)

25 years ago, I rented a house that had Yellow Walking Iris spring up out of what looked like a "dead" flower bed. After living in the home for several years, I moved and took some of my offsets with me. To this day I still have Yellow Walking Iris in my yard. Great for along side-walks and striking planted in a tight group.

Saint Petersburg, FL(Zone 10a)

It is a most hardy plant...lots of "walking" shoots... I am planning to put them in a narrow bed, (which over the years has been difficult to keep something looking healthy and attractive) with a northern exposure, so somewhat out of direct sun. The constant ever green foliage will look nice against a white back round exterior concrete wall of the hair salon. I have a well shaded area, where I first started them, and have subsequently taken from that rather large stand or 'clump" of them to put in various places all over the property... I can always count on it to do well.

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