Ornamental Yam (Dioscorea discolor)

Homer, LA

Common name: Ornamental Yam
Family: Dioscoreaceae
Genus: Dioscorea
Species discolor

Plant Link: http://plantsdatabase.com/go/32235/index.html

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Plano, TX

Good Morning Ford3728!
I was reading your thread on the "Ornamental Yam" you posted in October....sorry I'm a new subscriber and I'm enjoying reading all the threads...so anyway, I wondered...is your "Ornamental Yam" in the same family as the "Ornamental Sweet Potato" vine that grows so beatiful here in Texas?

Another question? I had 2 sweet potatoes that ended up shooting sprouts before I got to use them...will these eventually turn into "Ornamental Sweet Potato's" or Ornamental Yams? just wondering....what would happen if I let them continue growing and would they produce like the others...???

Rose in Texas

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