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Passion Flower 'Incense' (Passiflora hybrid)

Ventura, United States(Zone 10b)

Passion Flower 'Incense'
Passiflora hybrid

Thumbnail by Clare_CA
Perris, CA(Zone 9a)


I can see what you mean about this plant being especially suitable for caterpillars.



Ventura, United States(Zone 10b)

Chuck, I actually destroyed this vine because it was showing the Cucumber Mosaic Virus, and I didn't want my other passifloras to get it. All P. "Incense" vines have the virus, because the parent plant has it. The new P. "Incense" is virus-free and is called "New Incense." If you find a P. "Incense" vine to buy, make sure it is the "New Incense" one.

Here is the leaf of my old P. "Incense" which had the virus:

Thumbnail by Clare_CA
Tuskegee, AL(Zone 8a)

great. just great.

I suspected the yellow spots on my Incense were mosaic virus, but this year is the first time my three-year-old vines showed this symptom.

@Clare_A: Thanks for the information. I read it and went directly outside to cut up, bag and trash my three Incense Passifloras together with their chopped up trellises and the soil from their pots. I wore disposable vinyl gloves that went with them and soaked my pruners in Consan. I sprayed my hands and arms with Consan, too. The pots are in the bathtub waiting to be soaked in a bleach solution.

I was going to sell one that was over 8'. A root section I potted last summer had three shoots coming up. The parent plant had several shoots that were pretty tall, too.

Oh well.

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