pest repellent recipe?

Randleman, NC(Zone 7a)

Hi I was wondering if anyone knows of a homemade pest repellent to put on my veggie garden? I saw one a while back that used dish detergent,has anyone tried this or have any recipes for a good one.

Lyles, TN

I have heard of people culturing BT, but have not tried it. The principle would be the same as sourdough bread starter, you know, remove some of the starter to use, then add more food(caterpillars) to the batch. Repeat indefinately.

Efland, NC(Zone 7a)

Ivey! You sure brought back memories! I used to gather infected caterpillars, put them in a blender and culture them in milk! It was right juicy looking! Then they started making Bt and selling it at the stores! whew!
tyedyedtc...what bugs are you dealing with in particular? there are many good recipes, some aimed at a definite bug and leaving others alone. Care to elaborate? (PS...I'm near the Raleigh-Durham me we're practically neighbors!)

Lyndeborough, NH

There is an old hand-me-down with tobacco tea and dishsoap

Some folks don't like the thought of tobacco..

(Zone 7a)

Check out this link:
I mostly use a red pepper spray or diatamaceous earth, depending on the bug. Look through the Dirt Doctor site...he has been doing this for a long time and I have used a lot of his ideas that worked. However, grasshoppers are uncontrollable as far as I can tell.

Lyles, TN

Byron: Nicotine is an excellent insect killer. Better to use nicotine sulfate powder, sold at farm stores. Tobacco dust(or tea) kills 'em but can carry mosaic virus to tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, datura, petunia, etc. any Solanum. Even if you smoke in the garden, it's better not to touch tomato plants.

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Santa Cruz, CA(Zone 9a)

If you're planning to spray indoor foliage, reconsider using organic sprays that contain garlic and onion. I had a beautiful China Doll plant that was taken over by aphids. I used a tea of garlic, onions, chili and soap that was *very* diluted with water. The spray worked--killed those darn aphids but I had the plant in my bedroom and the smell was so overwhelming I had to put the little guy outside to air off. Well, the weather got to be about 100 degrees that day and the poor thing just fried. He's probably thinking he was better off with the aphids but just wanted to warn you.

I have also used tobacco tea before but instead of spraying, I used a new paintbrush to paint the tea liberally on the infected areas (mostly young shoots) and it worked great without any smells and it puts the stuff right where you want it.

Lyndeborough, NH


That statement was true 100 years ago..

There has been 0 cases of TMV in cigar, pipe and chewing tobacco in the last 30 years. All varieties of Burley are TMV resistant.

In 1998 the tmv in cigarette tobacco was 0.237%


Lyles, TN

Byron~ I did say it can spread that way, not it would always. All gardening is a gambling game where we do what we think will give us the best chance of getting the desired result. Tweak this here, tweak that a little over there, and hope there's no tornado, etc. to wipe out all the work. I use Tobacco on other plants, just not the solanceous. :)

Lyndeborough, NH

I have been using the Baker mix for 10 years, I know some one that's used it for 24 years, no problems.

Baker method of simmering for 10 min would kill TMV

Adding dishsoap also kills tmv

Adding mouthwash also kills TMV,

Starting with a tobacco that has not seen TMV is over 30 years.

Verified by PHDs in Plant Pathology, One being the Director of Plant Pathology in one of the largest Agi schools in tobacco country.

The 2 prime sources of TMV is crop debris, TMV can survive
in crop debris for 40 years and can be insect vectored to you plants.

Second cause is seed borne..

Another cause is infected solanacea family weeds near your garden that can be insect vectored..


Lyles, TN

Byron: That's a lot of information, Thanks

Randleman, NC(Zone 7a)

Thanks everyone for the great response! I am not sure what bug it is, something is getting my into my beans,if that helps. Hey horseshoe you are really close!

Randleman, NC(Zone 7a)

I made tobacco tea, now did you say that it would hurt my tomatoes, peppers,etc.? Want to ge it right without killing everything,LOL!

Deep South Coastal, TX(Zone 10a)

If it's bean bugs, flour kills them. Just plain flour, sprinkled on them. Stops their little tummies up and they can't eat or poop, lol.

Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

Calalily - sounds like a good diet plan! Only, I'd need to dredge something in the flour, then pan fry it...Guess that'd defeat the purpose! LOL

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