Cannot find DSOUND.DLL file??

Tremont, IL(Zone 5b)

My daughter lives in La Mesa, CA & sent me an email wanting to know if I knew anything about a DSOUND.DLL file. She says that her PC says that it cannot find this file. I don't know anything about it, would anyone here know? She has a Compaq & Windows 98 as I recall.

Celaya, Mexico(Zone 10a)

DSound.dll belongs to Microsoft DirectX and may have gotten corrupted. Try reinstalling the application where the error occurs or download and install DX 8.0 (95/98/ME)

Powder Springs, GA(Zone 7b)

I have a feeling the file is no longer needed since the original post was back in 2003 and the OS at that time is no longer supported. XP was the OS during this time.

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