Hosta 'Ventricosa'


What a pretty bloom for a hosta. Mine are white or lavendar only here but the hummingbirds love them too. At first I thought it was a texas bluebonnet!

Piedmont, MO(Zone 6a)

Hello, chris. I have a hosta with similar dark purple blooms, and do not have a name for it. The bloomstalks are about 40 inches tall, and the leaves are green, heart-shaped, and deeply veined. I obtained it from an old farmhouse so it is not any sort of recent introduction. Can you tell me if this fits the description of yours? Here is a picture of the leaves in May. Thanks and Happy New Year!
Later: Having read all the comments on this page, I am pretty sure this is what I have. Now I am going to let it self-sow and get more of them!

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Thumbnail by Toxicodendron

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