Lyndeborough, NH

From an Old 78 rpm, and former Dean of Agriculture at UMASS.


A little bird decided not to go south for the winter with all his friends.

Instead he found a chink in the chimney of gramps farm house.

His view was Mt Washingtion, one of the coldest MTs in the NE.

Mid Dec this poor little bird was starved almost to death.

Gramps had to hitch up a team to bring more fire wood to the house.

Just as the team approched the house, one of the horses left some droppings at the the edge of the house where the bird could see it.

The little bird rolled down the edge of the roof and landed in the snow, and made his way to the pile. He poked around and found some chunks of corn and wheat and barley.

Finally he had a belly full, and managed to fly back to the chimney.

All this new protein in his system made him feel good. So he starting singing, softly at first, then louder and louder, then it got to the top of his lungs.

An eagle swooped down and killed this little bird.

This is a story with a morale.

The morale of this story is~

"When you are full of horse sh-t keep your mouth shut"

Chatham-Kent, ON(Zone 6a)

Excellent story !!! Good advice for politicians too :)

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