Exotics, Tropicals,and water plants

Port Huron, MI(Zone 5b)

Good morning all. I have done some correspondce with a gentleman who offers alot of these plants for trade and espescially for SASE> He has a website:..his plant list is about halfway down the website, so don't think that you have the wrong website when it opens up with information about bodybuilding
If you see anything and perhaps want to email him..then that is
[email protected]
I wrote to him and did ask him if it was alright to turn people here at DG on to his site and he said fine, and I invited him to post at DG.If you do contact him you might want to tell him where you got the information ..just so he knows..
I hope I posted this at the correct place..he also has a few house plants.
His name is Steve for your email correspondence

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Macclesfield, CHESHIRE(Zone 8a)

Hi Sandy,

You are so right. His name is Steve Hinkson and he lives in Las Vegas. I made contact with him though the "other" site last year. He has an amazing collection of plants; his own passion is (or was) variegated plants. I can thoroughly recommend his site; but not necessaruily the body building bit. However, at the risk of being PC incorrect, the ladies might like to surf on over there for a little diversion from gardening !

El Tel

Port Huron, MI(Zone 5b)

How right you are eltel...it was eary easy on my eyes.He does have an excellent site, as I tried to encourage him to visit DG, but I'm going to guess that he may be pretty busy..I made contact with him elsewhere, not at that other site.

Crestview, FL(Zone 7b)

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Palmyra, VA(Zone 7a)

I first exchanged messages with Steve when he offered cuttings from his passion vines. I tried his 99.9% fail proof instructions, but he didn't make 99.9% idiot proof!! LOL I think that was my first attemt at rooting passion vines cuttings, rooted only one out of 9.

Anyway, he is a very nice guy!

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