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Tired of Being Tired!

Watervliet, NY

Hello Tina here! I was just reading my old post when I was just over a year with diagnosis, now I am 3 1/2 years. I have sice gotten over 700 daylilies! I have MS and my main issue is Fatigue, real bad neurological fatigue. I could sleep all day and night everyday. I am sick of the not so great Quality Of Life I would enjoy. I am in bad pain from misfiring nerves everywhere. I have spasticity and that of course makes more pain. I have tried Baclofen and whatever drugs they have for fatigue and all react badly with me, like I am not on enough scripts-I bet you know the feeling.

Pembroke Pines, FL(Zone 10a)

Tina ,I kind of know the feeling of always being tired and weak and in pain. Nothing seems to help. I take seven different types of medication and their after effects seem worse than the cure but I must keep on keepin on or die. I have severe arthritis thru-out my body,heart desease,obesity,post polio syndrome,carpul tunnel in both hands (goes with PPS) all very painful,but "I take it one day at a time." I have great pain and extreme difficulty when I walk but I must grin and bear it. I wish I could try the pain killer "oxycontin" but my doctors are against it and it costs about five dollars a pill.
Please don't give up Tina -- You are not alone

Watervliet, NY

Thank You, I will never give up! Thankfully I am in good spirits despite the given situation. Just sick of being tired that is all, robs me of too much time from my kids and family activities. Sorry cannot do it too tired. I hate that! BUT- I LOVE GARDENING, Daylilies are my favorite! I do have about 1000 other perennials also. I know others are much worse and hate to say, could be worse. I myself have Osteoarthritis and have 4 herniated discs, three in my neck and one in my low back. Not too bad, just aches, down with Degenerative Disc Disease. I hate it because I am only in my young thirties and have soooooo long (I hope) and wonder what I will be like in ten years. I have GREAT support and hope everyone here does. This place is GREAT! Thanks, Tina

Verona, ON

You will never find a more supportive, giving group than those here at Dave's. The courage some of these people have to use to face each day is a great source of encouragement to me.When I can't sleep for the pain during the night- talking and reading the forums on Dave's has been
a great source of comfort. Our love for gardening I'm sure is what keeps us going.
Encouragement from others here at Daves has inspired me to greatly increase rather than make smaller my bulb garden,
try new varities of daylilies I had never heard of and of course some veggie plants I would never have thought to try.
There always seems to be someone up and at the forum at all hours of the day and night who are more than willing to give your spirits a boost and make you feel like you are not in this situation all by yourself.
Keep up the good spirits and exhuberance for life! We will all be interested in hearing how you are doing. D

Pembroke Pines, FL(Zone 10a)

Hey,I'm still up and watching my "moonflower jasmine" bloom and open to a beautiful 4" trumpet flower.It is a beautiful night hear in So.Florida and I am very grateful
(even though painful)to be alive in this beautiful garden of mine. I can't help but to remember the good times. I find this to be much more comforting than to remember the unpleasantries.Look up to the clear night sky! Have you ever seen anything more fascinating???

Verona, ON

Never!! It is a totally amazing experience to look up at that sky and see all it has to offer. Even on a cold winter night, I'll bundle up, fortify myself with coffee (hey I'm not sleeping anyway) and go sit out on the deck on the lake side of the house. What glorious sights to see. All of these beautiful things cannot help but make you feel 'up' and anxious to start a new day. D

Belvidere, IL(Zone 5a)

I also have MS and know just what your talking about. I have been going to the Chiropractor to help with the pain. Being tired all the time is no fun I have cut back on so many things but gardening isn't one of them. I find peace and happiness in my garden. I also love daylilies and don't have anywhere near 1000 but I'm adding all the time. If things get to bad and you need a shoulder just email I'm home most of the time. Nancy

Lincoln City, OR(Zone 9a)

wow, it looks like many of us here in this forum are up late at night! I love the nighttime when the phone won't ring to disturb the silence of animals my sleeping. The stars shine so here in the cold winter sky (when the fog isn't here) and I love the crispness of the crunch of the snow underfoot as I wander out to check on my goats that are kidding now. Nighttime is also a time that my Mother won't call to have me come and run the vacuum cleaner for her or fix her a meal. lol I love winter nights. Winter daytimes you can keep as I want to work in my flower beds NOW. lol

Coopersburg, PA(Zone 6b)

i just got this email - my OT originally suggested noni to me so i got on a 'list' but i definitely haven't seen the same results as this guy. I'm still skeptical but knowing what it's like living in chronic pain, sometimes it's worth trying anything. If anyone has had any experience with noni, please let me know. here's the email:
I havenít felt this good in 30 years. Thatís my line and Iím sticking to itÖÖÖ
After using Tahitian Noni Juice since August 2000, I no longer have to take the following prescription drugs;
My entire pharmacy bill for the year, 2003 was $49.80. Thatís forty nine dollars and eighty cents. I am very blessed by God who made this very healthful fruit. Itís like a lot of things in this world, He left them for someone to discover. Here we are enjoying one of His, no longer hidden Blessings.
I believe the consistency in drinking this juice has added to the real value of the Noni and blood work has also improved over the years. Thanks for reading, Alohalani"

Santa Cruz, CA(Zone 9b)

I'm a real night owl, even before I got sick, but it's still a blessing now. I especially love the night blooming fragrant flowers. There's something growing on my block that smells lovely, but I can't tell what it is! I just get to appreciate it in the summer, along with my own flowers.

I can't be outside for long stretches anymore in spring and summer, and any physical exertion draws out of my "energy bank" super fast, so now I'm mostly going out for very short periods of time and taking pictures of everything because I've always wanted to document my garden but never had the time. It keeps me in touch even though I can't be out watering/weeding/planting/pruning very much, and I get to enjoy how beautiful and resilient (heh) it is. Or as I said one summer, "It's drought-tolerant now!"

As for noni juice, I'm going to look into it... I've tried a lot of things and I'm willing to try more if they don't seem dangerous. I'd rather buy it from a local store (and ask them about it first) than on the net, though.

Lincoln City, OR(Zone 9a)

I tried Noni juice from three different companies and it didn't help me at all.

Santa Cruz, CA(Zone 9b)

Hm, that's good to know, Ponditis, and thank you. I'm definitely going to look around, though. I had a period where I said I'd paint myself blue and dance in the moonlight if I thought it might help. I don't want to try anything scary or controversial, though, so I always do a lot of research first if I don't know what all the ramifications might be. I did look at the guaifenesin protocol but didn't like some of the reports I saw so am waiting to find out more there.

I'm also in process of getting my endocrinological system looked at again... apparently the thyroid test they did was not very accurate so they're doing a whole complex of better ones now, and an adrenal test that's good at pinpointing certain adrenal issues that can cause fatigue. If it's an endocrine issue then it's probably treatable with drugs, and that would actually be a relief.

But I'm still thinking and researching for in case they come back negative, if that makes sense.

Watervliet, NY

Hey you NightOwls! I thank all of you for your support! I am doing good, as well as we can right! I cannot wait until I see a bloom, we hit negative temps again. I wish I could be a Night Owl but I sleep all the time. Geez my pharmacy bills are like $150.00 a month and I have insurance, stupid co-pays-but glad I have it! I hate asking Dr's for pain meds, my neurologist does not even prescribe them I have to go to my Primary and I feel like he looks at me like a dang addict or something. My best friend is in more pain than me she has a blood clot that takes up half her leg, has had a piece break off and head to the lungs and luckily was in the hospital and they put in a filter or she'd be dead. She is on Morpheine with a Percoset (spelled wrong I'm sure) as a PRN and gets treated so bad by Dr's, they are so lucky to not feel what she does, I hate the judging. As if the illness is not bad enough to be looked at like what. I don't care if it is paper, strawberries, whatever if it helps no one should say no you cannot have it.

Hughesville, MO(Zone 5a)

Have any of you tried MSM, Glucosomine, Chondrotin, and Neurotin, or steroids? I'm on all of these and Tramadol and Percocet daily. Each in its own way helps a lot. So do multiviatamin/mineral pills. I can tell if I forget to take any of these at the proper time. I also make a habit of giving thanks for each new day and asking JESUS for HIS help to get me thru it. Any little thing I know HE has specifically helped me(finding a parking place in a mall, showing me where something is that I haven't been able to find, etc) with or done for me I make sure I thank HIM for it right then. I think my relationship with JESUS makes a lot of difference.

I have days when just being out of bed and alive is an effort. But like the rest of you folks, I refuse to give up and give in to this condition. It helps a lot to be able to read others stories and know I am not alone.

Wolflover4, you need to find a good fibro specialist or at least an arthritis specialist. An online search will furnish you with a list of them in your area.

Watervliet, NY

I have MS, I do take vitamins and was just talking to my hubby about the trio for my joints. Steroids are something I am happy to report are not needed. I am lucky enough to not need pain pills on a daily basis, I have a VERY high tolerence for pain and just block out much of it but when I need it, I have no problem taking it. I myself suffer from side effects very easily and sometimes it is easier to just deal. I have a fabulous Dr. for my MS guess he wants to not hook anyone? I also have a VERY strong faith and God is the Center of my life. I have recently took to reading the Bible and have learned sooooooooo much and very much enjoy it. Thanks

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