nothing but the truth...

Batchelor, LA(Zone 8b)

Years ago an old couple, hoeing their cotton field, encountered a huge rattlesnake.
While he was trying to chop the snake's head off ,the snake bit the old man's hoe handle. The snake was finally killed and the pair continued hoeing , finishing out their pair of rows.
As they neared the turn row, Pop noticed that his hoe was getting heavier and larger. He finally had to put it down, as it became too large for him to handle.
It was about sundown , so they called it a day and went home.
Upon their return the next morning at sun rise, they saw this big log laying where they had left the old man's hoe.
The log was about 15 feet long and 2 feet in diameter.
Not wanting to waste something as valuable as such a log,
they went back to the barnyard and hitched up their mules and a wagon and proceeded to load the log.
It was an all day job for the aging couple,but they finally
made it.
Early next morning , they hauled the log to a sawmill and had it cut into boards. On the way home a decision was made to use the lumber to build a new chicken house.
So, chicken house it became.
Herding all their flock into the new quarters, Mom and Pop
proudly closed them up for the night, confident that their hens were safe and secure.
A few shots of corn whiskey seemed appropriate for such an occasion, so Pop uncorked the jug.
After a night of over- indulgence, the bleary-eyed pair was late getting up. After much coffee, they went to the chicken yard
to let the flock out for the day.
The sight that greeted them was too much for them to handle with hangovers, so back to the kitchen they ran and broke out the remaining whiskey in an effort to clear their heads.
Reality finally kicked in, their entire flock was dead.
It seems that the swelling subsided in the snake-bitten hoe handle and the chickens were squeezed to death.
Unfortunately , there are no witnesses.

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