Expectant first-time tomato mom

San Lorenzo, CA

This is the first season I've grown tomato plants, or any plants, for that matter. I chose a determinate, "Ace", and planted two nursery seedlings in a redwood box that's in full sun. They've grown like gangbusters, but no little tomatoes, and I have no idea when to expect them (if they decide to produce at all!). They supposedly have an 83-day cycle. My guesstimate is that they're 40-50 days old.

We had a really hot spell last week, almost 100 degrees for three days. Could that have ruined their fruiting ability, even though they received generous water and remained quite vigorous?

Benton, KY(Zone 7a)

83 days is getting into the 'long season ' type of tomatoes.
Be patient.The 'days to harvest' numbers are to be counted from when you plant the tomatoes in their final places.

A few days over 100 won't spoil your harvest,you just won't get blooms and fruit set till the temps go down.Then things should proceed as normally.

Keep us informed as to when you get baby 'maters!

San Lorenzo, CA

Yay, I feel much better now. Was under the mistaken impression that "83 days" meant from seed. They've only been planted for about 30 days, so there's still a long way to go. Glad to hear that they should be fine despite a little heat.

Thanks so much, Melody! You can bet that I'll post a photo of the first "baby" in my journal.

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