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Abe Lincoln and Quarter Century tomatoes

Silver Springs, NV(Zone 6b)

Today when helping pack up the leftovers from the Garden Club yard sale I was given two tomato seedlings, an Abe Lincoln and a Quarter Century, but am not finding any information or listing of them in my garden catalogs. Anyone have information on them?
Are they determinate or indeterminate, heirloom or hybrid, red/yellow/orange, etc.? They look healthy, but I'd like to know more about them.

Benton, KY(Zone 7a)

Abe is a red heirloom slicer...there are two strains of it tho.One is more 'modern' Both are great tomatoes.Abe L is indet.

Ive got the info on Q Cent...just gotta find it.don't want to risk giving you the wromg info and as late as It is...that's highly likely tonite.I might be thinking of the wrong tomato.

I'll post it when I get it together.

Fort Worth, TX(Zone 7b)

This is the info on my package of Quarter Century:

Mild flavored, 10-12 oz.fruits grow on disease resistant,heat tolerant plants with crinkled leaves. Determinate. Ready to pick 85 days from setting plants outside.

Hope this helps.

Warsaw, IL(Zone 5a)

Here is some info about Quarter Century tomato,taken from burpee's page 14 of tomatoes on the web site. Keith

HEIRLOOM. 85 days. It’s unmistakable—amazingly short and self-supporting with heavily crinkled leaves. It bears medium-large, red beefsteak-shaped slicers. Disease resistant plants perform well in hot summers. Great for containers. Determinate.

Benton, KY(Zone 7a)

OK ,here is the history...
Quarter Century...all of the above posts are correct.Also here is some historical data to add.It was introduced by Burpee in 1901 on the company's 25th anniversary.This qualifies it as a commercial heirloom.(an open pollinated variety created by a commercial seed company)It is sometimes called the tree tomato because of it's upright habit.Another name for it is Matchless.The two are identicial

Abraham Lincoln...78 days,indet, red ,meaty fruit ripens evenly.
The older strain is potato leafed.It was introduced by Buckbee Seed Company in 1923.This makes it a commercial heirloom also.There is a hybridized Abe and another OP selection that has regular leaves instead of the potato leaves.

Both of these old guys should be great tomatoes to grow.Good luck.

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