Do you remember any of these from your childhood days?

Verona, ON

Someone emailed me a whole list of products and practices she was able to recall from when we were kids. I can't remember or find if someone has posted this is here at DG so will start a list and maybe you all can join in with some you remember.
My most vivid memories:
1.Howdy Doody and the Peanut Gallery
2. Candy cigarettes
3.Home delivery by horse - of milk in glass bottles
ice in huge blocks
bread manwith storebought goodies
5.Party lines
6. Wash tub wringers
7. Fuller Brush, Raliegh and Watkins man coming door to door
8.Penny candy - especially black balls (one cent for 3 candies)
9.Bosco - my VERY favourite chocolate drink
10. Towels and glasses in boxes of detergent
There has to be dozens of others, please help me take a walk down my childhood memory lane and have a good chuckle on this horrible snowy day. D

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