A Man and His Tractor

Schriever, LA(Zone 9a)

When I gently suggested to my DH that it might be time for a new garden tractor, I might as well have suggested he cut off his right arm. Now bear in mind that each time we use this the tires have to be aired up, the engine jump-started, etc. It takes half a day to get ready to use it before we use it. But this tractor was a foundling from a long ago garage sale lovingly nursed back to health by DH and he refuses to put it out to pasture. He even has a name for it - we call it the "Garden Ranger", lol. Thought you'll might enjoy a pic of it so here it is, Ole Ranger:

Thumbnail by LadibugZ9
Schriever, LA(Zone 9a)

Another view :

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Garner, NC(Zone 7b)

What brand is that thing?

Schriever, LA(Zone 9a)

I looked and it says Simplicity.

Frederick, MD(Zone 6a)

LOL - that's great!

DH has several "restored" AKA yard art, pieces of machinery that also take 1/2 a day to start. He loves 'em all :)

NW Qtr, AR(Zone 6a)

3 years and a few months later - - may I inquire: is she still goin' -?-

For sure .. a most wonderful heirloom, your DH found and restored !!

Would luv to see a bit closer (detailed) shot of how the tiller attachment was powered by the rear axle ...

And am most curious, LadibugZ9 .. have you guys been able to get her 'dated' (her model year, etc.)?

- Magpye

Shenandoah Valley, VA

All it took to get my guy ready for a new lawn tractor was taking him by the John Deere store. Of course we had to take along paper towels to wipe the drool off his shoes. LOL

But then he hadn't taken an antique and lovingly restored it to life.

Schriever, LA(Zone 9a)


Yes, she's still going! DH just plowed a little vegetable plot with it. I'll have to ask him this afternoon about her vital statistics, lol.

NW Qtr, AR(Zone 6a)

Ohh, I was so afraid that you may not check your 'older' threads!! .. hee ..

GOOD, for you guys .. that she's puttering about, and still proving her worth and then some!

Also .. I was wondering if your photo just showed her 'naked' and exposing her engine .. only because you guys had her shroud off for the photos -?- If her shroud is permanently missing: it sure seems that it would be somewhat e-z to fabricate a metal engine shroud for the grand lady of simplicity! ... (hee)

Is the tiller .. belt or chain driven?
What is the brand of the engine that's on her, and do you know if it's the original engine and/or it was rebuilt .. or, a later replacement -?-
What size/HP is the engine -?-
Hopin' I can still coax you into providing another photo or two (or three +) .. hee ..

Oh, I should be so ashamed of myself .. for possibly comin' off sounding like an interrogation, Ladibug - - but hopefully, you can see that I'm jes truly fascinated and 'eat up' with curiousity about such equipment.

Incidentally, I can safely hold my long deceased Daddy completely responsible for my (what many then; considered much-'unladilike') interests .. (Daddy was a mechanic, gunsmith, blacksmith, musician, ye 'jack-of-all-trades, etc. ) .. lol


- Magpye

Bluffton, SC(Zone 9a)

If you have a vocational ed. place near you they would probably fix that old tractor up for you. My father's 25 year old tractor was sent of to the local small engine class and they fixed it all up. My dad donated a couple of cases of oil but they tore it down and rebuilt everything. Might want to give that a try. I'm one for keeping old stuff running forever.
When I say everything I mean everything. Tractor was gone all winter, I'm surprised they didn't send it to a paint class. LOL. New paint, custom job would have been nice.

So CoreHHI ,
You think there is still hope for my old Dunger ?
A set of jumper leads and she`s off like you know what .

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Bluffton, SC(Zone 9a)

The old metal spiked wheels, nice. It's a collector piece. Those are easy to work on. A little rework and new paint and it's good for another 50 years. Actually that's more like 70 isn't it?

Too Right .
Hardly any moving parts.
Worst thing is a wet bum when it rains .

Bluffton, SC(Zone 9a)

You need some holes drilled in the seat. Fords came with holes in the seat for that reason. Sorry you bought a cheap one.

70 years ago Dear Old Dad only paid 27 Quid for it.
It`s now worth more than $4000 to a collector .
Like Land , it always goes up .

Vicksburg, MS(Zone 8a)

Neat tractors! We have some friends who have gone all out restoring their very old tractors and they take them around to tractor shows. Won several prized with them too. I think they look so neat.

Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

I better not show this thread to DH or he'll be wanting to restore one or five dozen. He's a diesel mechanic by trade, a lover of old Dodges and a part owner of my 2 year old tractor (did I say "my", er, I meant "our"). I don't think I want to introduce him to mature tractors or he'll Never come in from the shop!

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