What Tomatoes are you growing?

Warsaw, IL(Zone 5a)

I think I might have plenty of tomatoes this year.This is what I am growing.
Tomatoes that I am growing
German Queen
Watermelon Beefsteak
Big Rainbow
Lillianís Yellow
Lemon Boy
Parks Whopper
Nebraska Wedding
Better Boy
Schemg Creg
Mortage Lifter
Red Strawberry
Cherokee Purple
Arkansas Traveler
Mr Stripey
Yellow Pear
Bloody Butcher
Black Brandywine
Pink Brandywine
Silvery Fir Tree
Prudenís Purple
Yellow Brandywine
Abe Lincoln
Super Sioux
Heatwave II
Christmas Grape
Sweet Gold

Just a few to try.

Clarksville, MD

I'm growing:

Sweet Million
Better Bush
Better Boy
Flavor King
Isis Candy
Yellow Brandywine
Brandywine Red
Brandywine Black
Cherokee Purple

Should be enough for two people. :)

Here's my list. The number to the right is the number of plants that I am growing of that variety.

Amish Paste (2)
Arkansas Traveler (16)
Black Plum (18)
Bonnie's Best (16)
Brandywine (17)
Cherokee Purple (12)
Cherry (19)
DeBarao Black (15)
Federle (29)
Garden Peach (14)
German Tomato (10)
Hoffman's Rentita (11)
Jaune Flamme (18)
Marizol Gold (18)
Riesentraube (2)
Tiny Tiger (23)
Yellow Currant (15)
Yellow Plum (4)

Feel free to check out my journal for lots of pictures!


Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

my list sounds rather boring compared to the above!
Better Boy
I only have 100 plants planted this year. Right now I am under attack of hornworms!!! Nasty things they are. Oh yes, and the drought...and of course what would it be without blosem end rot :( ... We had rain last week, first one in a long time, the fluctuation of the soil caused lots of damage..but hey, I am eating some ripe tomatoes anyway! :)

Fort Worth, TX(Zone 7b)

These are the tomatos I decided on trying this year:
Prudens Purple
Yellow Currant
Banana Legs
Orange Banana
Snow White
Lillian's Yellow
White Queen
Pineapple Tomatillo
Caspian Pink
Cold Set
Bloody Butcher
Yellow pear
Golden Jubilee
Red Pear
Pink Brandywine
Dixie Golden Giant
Yellow Brandywine
Pink Ponderosa
German Pink
Sweet 100
Miracle Sweet
Tiny Tim
White Wonder
Large Red Cherry
Isis Candy
Rutgers select
Striped German
Matt's wild cherry
Wonder Light
Sunny Goliath
Quarter Century
San marzano
Gold Nugget
Reif Red Heart
Bell star
Sun sugar
Purple Tomatillo
Green Tomatillo
Green Zebra
Big Rainbow
Golden Greengage
Long Keeper
Garden Peach
Red brandywine
Hawaiian Pineapple
Mule Team
Siberian Yellow Cherry
I have had alot of problems with bugs but hopefully I will win.LOL


Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

Well, here's my itty bitty list: (Updated with the number of plants of each variety)

(6)Park's Keepsake (an heirloom wannabe I ordered before I found DG and Seed Savers)
(12)Quick Pick (determinate for canning, also ordered pre-DG)
(2)Yellow Pear
(2) Mini Pearl
(2) Sweet Olive
(2) Sun Sugar

Even among just a few varieties, it's interesting to see the different leaf shapes and flowering habits. Can't wait to have ripe tomatoes to "taste test"

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Bethelridge, KY(Zone 6a)

Here's what I have growing along with the number of plants:

Amish Paste (36)
Rutgers (12)
Mortgage Lifter (6)
Oregon Spring (6)
Marglobe (6)
Better Boy (6)

Just wondering, what do some of you do with all those tomatos? I usually can about 80 quarts and give a lot away off my 72 plants but most of you have planted many more than I. Just curious!

Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

We're relative newbies, so we only have ten plants total in the garden, along with some peppers:

Golden Jubilee (3)
Nebraska Wedding (2)
Roma (3)
Beefsteak (1)
German Johnson (1)

I think that's the breakdown number-wise, anyway! We decided to try the red plastic mulch this year; it's supposed to keep the soil temps warmer and reflect a spectrum of light the tomatoes and peppers like. We laid soaker hose first, then laid the mulch on top of it. Have any of you tried this stuff? We bought "Turbo Tomato" mulch.

Madison, WI(Zone 4a)

It is amazing to think that I still see many varieties on this post, (Hi Chumly!!) that I am not growing! I will try them next year! My goal is to get through the 4000+ varieties. I have 85 varieties that made it through the initial germination stage. Several did not. I have been begging people to take plants!! Hence my name! It will be a fabulous season with lots of purple and black varieties. I have used red mulch for many years with great success, although this year I am trying a strip instead of full coverage. Love to experiment! Happy Growing!

Warsaw, IL(Zone 5a)

Hi outofcontrol.Welome to Daves Garden.There are other people here such as you and me that really like tomatoes and gardening,hope you like it here!It is really neat to see all the varieties that people are growing,and there are really nice people here.Keith

Petaluma, CA

What awesome lists! Most of you have more tomato plants than I have backyard! I'm wondering if any of you have experience with these three:

Aunt Ruby's German Green
SubArctic Plenty
Green Grape

I also have (just one) red Brandywine
and the everpresent, for our region, Early Girl

San Lorenzo, CA

Wow, you people are hardcore. I love it.

I desperately wish I'd planted more tomatoes. This is my first season gardening and I only have two Ace tomato plants because I was nervous about growing in containers. Shouldn't have been; they're doing great. Next year, just watch out. I shall officially GO OVERBOARD.

Looking forward to hearing all about the fruits of your obsessions.

Knowlesville, NY

I've posted in other places at DG about my tomato project I'm doing with the help of High school students. All 106 varieties are doing well so far. I have many seeds from some international trades I did from places like Hungary, Belguim, England, Sweden...and with well seed known people like William Woys Weaver, Carolyn Male, and Will Bonsall, plus some from my DG friends!
Some day when I have time I'll post the list. I would love to do some major seed trading in the fall with people who take precautions to preserve purity. Maybe we can get you to 4000 faster, Outofcontrol!! I would love to see some of your gardens. Essensia--be careful...heirloom vegies can be addictive!!

Richmond Hill, GA(Zone 8b)

Here's the list I started with but I couldn't control myself and I added about 10 more varieties to the list. I can't find my list of additions! Grrrrrrrr. Not to worry, the tomato plants are labeled outside.

1) Alicante
2) Amish Paste
3) Arkansas Traveler
4) Better Boy
5) Big Beef
6) Big Boy
7) Pink Brandywine
8) Burbank Red Slicing
9) Celebrity
10) Cherokee Purple
11) Creole
12) Georgia Streak
13) German Johnson
14) Hawaiian Pineapple
15) Hillbilly
16) Homestead
17) Isis Candy
18) Juliet
19) Mortgage Lifter
20) Mr. Stripey
21) Omar's Lebanese
22) Park's Whopper
23) Pineapple
24) Purple Brandy
25) Red Pear
26) Riesentraube
27) Roma
28) Rutgers
29) Santa
30) Sioux
31) Striped Cavern
32) Stupice
33) Sungold
34) Tigerella
35) Tommy Toe
36) Yellow Pear
37) Yellow Stuffer
38) Zapotec Pink Ribbed

Madison, WI(Zone 4a)

Scott, I started with 106 varieties! How funny that's how many you are growing! It is a good thing, as Martha would say, that they did not all germinate. I don't have as much free time this year to keep up! I have loads of seeds left, all from seed companies. I would be happy to trade. I will get my list together, if you want to e-mail me, I will send it to you! Thanks for the welcome Chumly!

Corner Brook, NL(Zone 5a)

This is my first year for growing tomatoes, outside. Since it is my first try, I will put them in containers. To say the least, it will be trial and error. I have grown them in the house, so if the weather gets cold/chilly, I will bring them in. I'm just wondering if I should do anything different for them outside. Since January I've been reading plant books, but none have answered the question: Do I plant the tomatoes the same for inside as for outside? I bought Black Turf, and have them in 5 gal. buckets. Later, when it stops raining long enough, I will sterilize some compost, from my pile, and add it to them. I used the plastic soil bags to cover the tomato cages with, since the nights are rather cool. I also read about manure tea for tomato plants, which I plan to try. Does anyone have any advice/suggestions or hints on keeping them growing? I cannot use chemicals of any kind (alergies), so mother nature's way, is my way.

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New Paris, OH

This year
1) Yellow Taxi
2) Moscovich
3) Yellow Brandywine
4) Persimmon
5) W. Va Hillbilly
6) Yellow Pear
7) Sungold
8) red grape
9) green grape
10) green zebra
11) lincoln
12) opalka
13) Glick's pride
14) orange banana
15) tigerella
16) Mortgage lifter (replaces Brandywine, better producer, better taste)
17) Cherokee purple

I believe we have about 350 plants (or something like that) total out of about 1500 seedlings.

(Zone 4b)


This year, my first with a garden, and organic to boot, I tried 6 BETTER BOY and 6 SUPER SWEET.

-plant girl :)

Mount Prospect, IL(Zone 5a)

This is my first year at growing tomatoes also. I have Amana orange Amish paste red brandywine black brandywine pole red brandywine evergreen green zebra hungarian giant polish egg red grape tomato german fleischtomate white wonder golden Jubilee yellow stuffer It will be interesting to see what does turn out from these varieties. Doris

(Zone 6a)

Here is a list of which tomato varieties I am growing this year:
Bush Goliath
Bush Early Girl
"25 yr. Cherry"
Isis Candy
Large Red Cherry
Silvery Fir Tree
Kentucky Beefsteak
Abe Lincoln Original
Red Mortgage Lifter
Mule Team
Andrew Rahart's Jumbo Red
Red Brandywine
Estler's Mortgage Lifter
Amana Orange
Joyce's Brandywine
Box Car Willie
Sunny Goliath
Caspian Pink
Old Virginia
Cherokee Purple
Hawaiian Pineapple
Italian Beefsteak
Magnum Beefsteak
Pink Girl
Black Brandywine
Red Oxheart
Orenberg Giant
Dixie Golden Giant
Bull's Heart
Belgian Giant
Mega Tom
"Ultimate Giant"

(1 to 4 of each variety for a total of 90 plants.....50 in the ground and 40 in pots of 2 to 7 gallon sizes)

Plan on growing an additional 25 or so varieties next year, along with a select few I like from this year again. Plan on only about 70 plants next year (subject to revision:))

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