Tall brug tale

Newberry, FL(Zone 8B)

thought i had angel trumpet coming up in a large (large!) pot i had annuals in.... so this morning i started digging them out, and sure enough, it was angel trumpet! the one brug i thought hadn't come back from winter, i had twisted the main root ball off, topped off with soil and stuck seedlings in, but this brug wants to live!! i emptied the pot out and there are huge roots, i repotted three brugs out of there, the two largest had 80-10 inch white roots around 1/4" thick. 3 more babies, am wondering where to plant this root ball mass so that more will grow out..i love plants that love to live.

Bodrum, Turkey(Zone 10a)

Well, I think they are hardier then we givr them credit for.
I had a few cuttings that I was wintering over, thye had rooted nicely and were potted up, i had a couple of them on top of the fridge, but they werent getting any sun so were looking pretty bad, in fact one looked dead, I had run out of room, so I just put that one outside, I would say it was november. I just sat it outside on my back patio and didnt give it another thought till I was doing a spring cleaning and decided to empty that pot out, from the outside it was just a shriveled up stick, but when i dug it out, lo and behold there was still a healthy root system going, but also a new stem trying to poke out. And it endured the whole winter outside....I can't weait to see how well it is going to perform. I planted it directly into the ground, and plan on just cutting it down in the fall see what it does.

Newberry, FL(Zone 8B)

pebble, the couple i had in the ground and the ones i had in pots all came (even the one i thought didn't and mangled!)it went to 16F several times here, a terrible winter for us. and the kind i have can take a light frost. i also had peace lilies stay out all winter that came back!! might plant some in the ground. i think sometimes you just have to be patient enough to give them some time to revive.


I have found that well established older Brugmansia are trunk hardy to 18 degrees( by older I mean 2-3 inch diameter woody trunk}. All of the green stems, leaves, etc will die back at 32 degrees if exposed to that temperture drop for too long without direct sun. This is primarily in reference to suaveolens, versicolor, and aurea species and hybrids there of in the Brugmansia family.
Loving the Brugmansia Genus,

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