Gymnocalycium WILL NOT flower!

(Zone 4b)

Humph. And I've tried everything. I think it may be the lighting in my apartment - the plant only gets a few hours of direct sunlight every morning. Is there any way that I can coddle this baby into flowering? Any kind of magic formula?


I'm so sorry. I really enjoy mine every year. They are reliable and regular bloomers for me.

Dare I say that they live outdoors all day in the sun? I suspect that as much sun as you can give and quite regular water will do the ticket. PLUS those winter cold temps. They are crucial. Do you have an unused room that can be chilled down during winter? A place outside? Will they freeze their little spines off where you live?

I LOVE mine, and have had a lot of gratification this year with all Blooming their socks off!

Good Luck. Keep asking those questions, it helps!


(Zone 4b)

Oh Cena, you can keep your cacti outdoors? That is my dream of dreams: to live somewhere where I can have an outdoor cactus garden. I'm even *considering* going to school down south, mainly so I can grow my cacti outside. I hear that the University of New Mexico is developing a Religious Studies graduate program. It's not in my field, but field-schmield! I could grow cacti outside!!

knowing her priorities,

PS. I DO have a closet that is relatively chilly. Maybe I could put it in there at night? Or right on a window ledge, where it would get the chill from the window without freezing like a snowball?

I think that the window would be the preferred. They want the cool/cold temps while being dry and getting some light. I have to relocate the cacti for the haworthias in the winter, as the Haworthias, gasterias, and aloes, can all take the winter rain much more than the cacti can. And the haworthias can take all the winter sun there is, while the summer sun is not to their liking.

I wished that the extent of my outside gardening excited me as much as others. If I wish to garden, outside it is. In my 1250 ft condo, there are only three windows that receive actual sun. That really puts the brakes on healthy GROWING plants.

I do my thing in a balcony 8 x 15 feet. Will soon have the opportunity to prove myself a liar, as the balcony desperatly needs work (will probably not be able to resist measuring). The sad and unreasoning thing is I keep acquiring plants, with no idea of where to put them, or if I can provide for their growing needs. Since I joined the local Cacti & Succulent Society, I do believe I have brought home around 30 plants. It was a tight fit BEFORE!!!

I am now going vertical. Well, yes the plants underneath do not seem to be as happy, what's your point? A gentleman at the Society sells these contraptions that have alternating rings for pots of a certain size, you just hang them up, and staff with plants. What room, what space, for about a month.

I tell ya, it pays to be picky, and stick to your specialty!

Ooooh, and I'll let ya know if the gyms that I hand pollinated actually produce seed. The bud bases are getting fat as we chat.


Thousand Oaks, CA

I have several Gymnocalicium, too, and also are reliable flower producers.. They too live outdoors and get all day sun. I think that is definitely the secret (though warmth helps, too, I'm sure).

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