desert rose

smithton, MO(Zone 5a)

i hope these are considered tropicals since i am putting it here...i got 3 from the adenium coop, and have these 2 left...a red and a pink....i am so so afraid to water they are, just now putting out leaves


Saucier, MS(Zone 8b)


I notice mine today, I was standing on my head to peek in. Mine look about like yours. Also got 1 of each, but I could only see 2 today. Sure hope the other one is still alive in my jungle!!

Oh, we took the weekend off from working on the GH. We may not get it finished till the fall at he rate we are going.


Chariton, IA(Zone 5b)

I started with four and one died, one looks like your leafless plant and the other two have just a few more leaves on them. I've seen where one or two people have already had blooms on their. I think mine don't get enough light. I'm sure if we just hang in there, we will also see blooms before long.

smithton, MO(Zone 5a)

honeybee....i bet you have your g/h up faster than i got mine took i think 11 months for mine to get up...i guess us gals in zone 5 ought to be thankful we got at least one of our adeniums had 2 grafts on my pink, but one of the grafts just went thankful i still have this


Houston, TX(Zone 9b)

When in active growth, you can water them all you want (a good rule of thumb is to feel the trunk - if it's tight or stiff, no water, if it's no turgid or 'spongy', give it water). When not in active growth, NO WATER!! It's roots will rot in a heartbeat if watered when dormant.

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