Ceeseweed Mallow (Malva parviflora)

Manhattan Beach, CA(Zone 11)

Ceeseweed Mallow
Malva parviflora

Thumbnail by Ulrich
San Antonio, TX(Zone 8b)

That is a very lovely plant. I like the shape and size of the leaves. How large are the blooms fully opened? Is that about how wide (to the front) it becomes or does it bush out a lot more? Do you know if it can it prosper in filtered sun or partial sun? Great photos. Thanks for sharing them.

Manhattan Beach, CA(Zone 11)

This volunteered in the alley behind our fence as a weed. It is still gaining height a bit but not in width.
This shows the flowers fully open: http://plantsdatabase.com/showpicture/37979/ . They are about 3/8" dia. as are the 'cheeses'. It gets full sun all day. They grow lankier in the shade.

San Antonio, TX(Zone 8b)

At first I thought it was planted in a pot and then on closer inspection I decided it was growing in the ground. Thanks for the information. I always enjoy your photos.

Manhattan Beach, CA(Zone 11)


Phoenix, AZ

This is voluntary in my backyard. It is between 4 - 8 ft tall and has taken over the entire yard. LOL I am loving it except for the fact that I can't walk through the yard without being attacked. I am laughing at this as I have also been told that it has medicinal and edible attributes. Due to all the rain we have had this winter it is amazing and very nice to have. Was pulling and putting in my compost. Have rethought that and am trying to find out specifics on the uses of it. Told that it has a nutty flavor and can be used in salads and soups and cooked like spinich (eww) and tea etc. If you can find any other info I would appreciate your help. Thanks. :)

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