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Little green wormy things

Westbrook, ME(Zone 5a)

I have little tiny green worms on the backside of the leaves of my William Baffin rose. They're not doing a lot of damage ... chewing some holes in the leaves but not too bad. Should I ignore them or should I be concerned? I really hate to spray but if it's going to be a big problem later on I'd rather "nip it in the bud".

Kunkletown, PA(Zone 6a)

Their 'rose slugs', sounds nasty doesn't it, actually their sawfly larva, and depending on what kind can produce up to 6 generations a season. They do damage the leaves, actually eating the underside leaving a pale upper membrane in place, giving the leaves a see through look. I had quite a problem with them this season so far, and while they don't actually kill the leaf the leaf does degrade with time, turning brown and looking rather stressed, sometimes slowly dying. I do have some leaves that they almost completely ate. I hate the little buggers, just the word 'slug' sets me off, I imagine a large amount of them and repeated munching by them would set your plants back, so I kilt them, kilt them dead! Not with Orthene but with one of my homemade insecticidal sprays, I try to avoid the heavy stuff. You may want to do a little more research to know your enemy better so you can decide whether you'd like to off the little yuckies, cheers!!!

Kunkletown, PA(Zone 6a)

Karma you are such a hoot!!!!!

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