SOLVED: 2nd Picture of Unknown Iris

Brown City, MI(Zone 5a)

This is an additional picture for "Unknown Iris".
This one is of the entire plant.
The leaves look like they are "fanned" to me.

Thumbnail by Tree_Climber
Macclesfield, CHESHIRE(Zone 8a)

Hi Kathy,

It's Iris psuedacorus, otherewise known as the yellow flag They tend to grow best on the edge of ponds, bog gardens etc. I have several scattered around the garden (my pond just aint that big so I divide them occasionally) and they seem to grow in almost any position.

When I've worked out how to add a picture to this message I will do so. In the meantime I'll e-mail you with an attachment.

El Tel

P.S. Kathy, check the Photos forum for my picture


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