Blue Anise Sage, Brazilian Sage 'Black and Blue' (Salvia guaranitica)

San Antonio, TX(Zone 8b)

Blue Anise Sage, Brazilian Sage 'Black and Blue'
Salvia guaranitica

'Black and Blue' Salvia guaranitica has cobalt blue, tubular, 2 inch long blooms that have a hood-like upper lip and a shorter lower lip that points downward. The dark stems and dark purple, nearly black calyces (the structures that enclose the base of the petals) make it a very interesting looking plant. They do not smell like anise. The individual flowers appear on showy 10-15 inch spikes. (San Antonio, Tx.)

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Mount Angel, OR(Zone 8a)

Great blue, I never met a salvia I didn't like. Great specimen.

Piedmont, MO(Zone 6a)

Yes, sort of electric blue, aren't they. I planted these in a public garden in St. Louis, but have not seen them for sale locally, ever. Annuals here, do they overwinter or selfseed there in TX?
By the way, Hazel, my Peruvian lily buds blasted. But the cyclamen babies are doing well and I have 2 red yucca seedlings now! One lime cutting has sprouted a tiny leaf and 2 of the sweet olives are showing growth, along with one duranta. I love growing new plants!

San Antonio, TX(Zone 8b)

This is a really outstanding blue. It is even more vibrant than in the photo. I have begun to use more and more salvias because they provide beauty from spring until the first hard freeze with very little care. Mine did not die back this year because we did not have a hard freeze. They bloomed almost all winter and even reseeded in December. Thank you for your comments.

Franklin, KY

This is the absolutely most gorgeous salvia I have ever grown!
The colors are dark and rich and the foilage looks great from spring through fall. The salvia reseeded, but I didn't have any immediate growth from the large ball of tubers underneath the stalk from last years growth. Is this normal?

San Antonio, TX(Zone 8b)

I just purchased this one this spring and it has really grown. I am very, very pleased with it. The foliage is so beautiful and as you say, the blooms are outstanding. Because I haven't had it an entire year yet, I am sorry to say that I don't know if it usually comes up from the base or not. Some of my salvias come up at the base and some just reseed. I had 2 red ones I bought last summer planted about 2 feet apart. One came up from the base and the other one didn't. I do not know why this happened. This year, because our winter was mild, most of my salvias never died back. I pruned most of them to encourage bushiness. But one of them I let grow just to see how tall it would become. It is now about 5 feet tall.

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Houston, TX(Zone 9a)

The comments so far for this salvia are very black and blue beauty has come up from the base every year for 4 years. I am always anxious for it to bloom because it is one of the best in my garden. I split it up this year because it was becoming root-bound. (I have not yet put it in the ground. I have a phobia when it comes to that. LOL) I have shared it with a neighbor. Swallowtails are feeding on it this year. And I have collected seeds which I intend to plant soon.

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San Antonio, TX(Zone 8b)

I haven't seen any swallowtails here yet. I love my 'Black and Blue' salvia and was so afraid that it did not survive the record breaking cold this winter. It is thriving right now after coming up from the base; however, it hasn't bloomed yet. I think that you are wise not to put it in the ground because I think it will probably take over an area by spreading from the roots. Mine is in a container also. Thanks for your photo.

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