Want these 2 Sweetpeas

Would love to trade for these two Sweetpeas:
1- 'Phoebe'(my little dog's name is Phoebe-so I just have to find these:)
2- lilac 'Percy Thrower'
I don't think these are here in the States.
So if you have a some to share-I would most appreciate it.

Still trying to find these seeds.

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FragrantGarden.com sell Percy Thrower (look in the Spencer section) although Phoebe isn't in their listing, I couldn't see any striped or flaked section.

I did find a British supplier but are more expensive than fragrant garden.

Thank you Baa!!
If you ever come across seeds of 'Phoebe'-please let me know.

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Barr,can you give me the name & address of the British supplier that has 'Phoebe'? I still haven't had any luck :(


I'm not sure if they have Percy Thrower though

Thanks Barr.
Now,I have to try & find out what the English money = to American money??

CREZIERES, France(Zone 8a)

Beware... I believe that all Lathyrus species are banned from being imported into the USA... You should check with Dept of Agriculture...

Cinemike,I didn't know that-thank you for letting me know.

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