Sunflower Question

Surry, VA(Zone 7b)

My sunflowers are growing great, but I noticed the lower leaves are turning yellow. We have been getting alot of rain here lately. Is that what is causing this to happen?

Carol7: Can not answer your question, But I have a few of my own. I have grown suns several years, this year I have one with 12 blooming heads on it, the only one out of a hundred like this. I also have a suns with 5 heads inside the single large head & One that split six time at the base about a foot off the ground and has 6 heads on it. Is this common our do I have some wried sunflower. Please advise? thanks, Cash in the garden spot of Okla. BIXBY

Elizabethton (Stoney, TN(Zone 6b)

I've grown sunflowers for years and have never seen that. I have seen different varieties with multitudes of heads, but none of my seeds for single sunflowers have ever split like that. Maybe you have a mutant which maybe end up being a new variety. If I were you, I would save some seeds of those and see what happens next time around.

Port Huron, MI(Zone 5b)

I've only grown sunflowers for about nine years, but I think GrannyLois is right....I'd be savin' those seeds..besides that, they just sound kinda'
Carol...I'm in Michigan and also getting alot of rain...and no yellow leaves

My daughter received apot of small sunflowers as a present,they are beautiful but are wilting and she does not know how to take care of them.She has placed them in the sun and in the shade and still seam to wilt.Please let me know what they are called and how to keep them alive.I tried to look them up on the internet,came upon your garden experts.The flowers are maybe a foot tall in a container.Please let me know how to take care of them?

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Thanks, As soon as I can get a pic of these suns I will post they are unblieveable I took 35 mm pictures today so if something happen I got proof. They are the most unusual thing that I have seen I bought two veggie farmers to my garden this past week and they have never seen anything like this either, maybe my garden was placed on a land fill and something is causing this wried flower 3 of them in one yard. Cash in the garden spot of Okla. Bixby

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