Flaming Sword (Vriesea splendens)

Tokyo, Japan

Flaming Sword
Vriesea splendens

I've had no problems with this one - it just takes longer (2 years) to bloom .

Thumbnail by Lophophora
Canterbury, United Kingdom

We bought ours in a plastic pot for 5.00 (about US$10.00) from our local supermarket in early march 2007. We have it indoors near the living room window. If very sunny, we draw thin curtains closed to provide dappled sunlight. It has produced a long stem and over about the past 14 days this has sprouted eleven flowers stating from about two thirds up from the base toward the top. These are very thin, unattractive, have no scent and dry out after just a few days.
We do not water the soil in the pot, just top up the water in the leaf well whenever the level falls very low. We use water from our 'Brita' filter.
From what I have read via 'google' I cannot expect seeds and the entire plant will now die. However, 'pups' will appear and sprout from around the base of the dead plant. Each one will grow to become a fresh individual adult plant. That is all I am able to discover. If anyone can enlighten me further, I would be very grateful.

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