What sort of Ag certificate does one need in California?

Fair Oaks, CA(Zone 9a)

Great seeing that there are other crazed individuals out there who like unusual plants. I've been lucky enough to find some one willing to send me seed from the Australian wet tropics, but neither he nor I know how to do it properly. Would some one fill me in on the actual procedures for sending seed internationally? These seed, Aracauriacea, must be planted fresh and have a low viability rate so a rapid transit time ie FEDEX or other courier service is mandatory.

I wouldn't want some rare material perishing as it waits to clear Ag Customs so please let me know how it's done.


I'm in Ireland, and I've traded seeds with people in Australia. The Australian Government are very fussy about not allowing anything in which might endanger their native species. There's a site by the Australian Customs where you can check what's allowed in http://www.aqis.gov.au/icon/asp/ex_querycontent.asp, and after I checked that what I wanted to send was allowed, I printed out the page from the site and put it in the packet. I also wrote the contents on the outside of the envelope. Other than that, you just need to make sure it's clean seed and has the botanical name and you should be OK.

Seed from Oz has reached me OK, and it's taken about a week using ordinary airmail. Sorry, I can't help about Australia - US seed trading.

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