The bulldozer and wildflowers

(Zone 7a)

Driving to town today, I was amazed at the resiliency of the wildflowers. They have been enlarging a 13 mile stretch of farm-to-market road I travel frequently. It really almost physically hurts me to see what they do to the wildflowers. However, today I was noticing how many have already returned despite the slaughter...basket flowers, coneflowers, gaillardias, sunflowers, wild carrots, milkweed, echinaceas and probably a lot more I didn't see. Thank God nature is so tough!

Lyles, TN

Lantana~ I'll second that! It's amazing to watch the sucession. First the weeds and grass, then blackberries and sumac( I'm talking about my neighborhood here) tree seedlings. Then as the trees get bigger they shade out the briers and such. You can almost tell how many yrs. it's been since the dozer was around by what's growing there.

Florence, AL(Zone 7a)

My favorite rose is one I picked up---literally---on the side of the road. We have a lot of dirt roads around here, and these roses have been propagated by the road graders for as long as I can remember. They grow to the tops of very tall trees, when allowed to, and the one I 'saved' five years ago has covered eighteen feet of six-feet-tall wire fence!

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