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Jefferson, TX(Zone 8a)

Hay Guys Anyone know where i can get some cuttings of the Brugs Red color? thanks

Florence, AL(Zone 7a)

If you mean B. sanguinea, I've heard it's very hard to root them from cuttings. You might want to try seeds. I am not speaking from personal experience, just what I've heard. I am supposed to be recieving a couple of seedlings in trade soon. If you'll e-mail me with your address I'll be glad to try some for you as soon as they're big enough to cut.

Deep South Coastal, TX(Zone 10a)

I found a source for the red ones, but when I tried to order, they emailed me and said they wouldn't grow well in the heat of our summers. They like really cool nights.

Bodrum, Turkey(Zone 10a)

they should be perfect for our climate Karma......

Deep South Coastal, TX(Zone 10a)

Karma and Pebble
Yeah, they do good there, but can't take the Tennessee heat. Our summers are humid and the nights can get warm. wish they would grow here, but I'm happy that the other kinds of brugs like it here. My Frosty Pink is still blooming and have buds on Sauveolens White and Candida Yellow.

SW, WI(Zone 4b)

I grew some from seed last winter...they are easy to grow from seed, and the seed is usually widely available...I got mine from ebay. They did well for me, even though we have 'spurts' of a week or two here and there of warm nights...I put mine sort of in the shade of a shrub, yet up on our deck...near the place where our outdoor faucet gets noon and afternoon full sun. I figured the moisture/humidity of that location, plus the air circulating *underneath* the deck, make it seem cooler (to the plant!)in the evenings. Mine got leggy over winter so I had to cut them back (they were small anyway) but I, too had no success with cuttings...they did grow fairly fast from seed, though. I had a couple of plants about 16" tall within 6-8 mos. from planting seed.


I have B.sanguinea, and B.vulcanicola Roter Vulkan both growing here in Florida. I overwintered my sanguinea last year in the green house in 120 degree daytime temps inside the green house. The Roter Vulkan is a pure red vulcanicola hybrid and is one of my favorites and a new addition to my yard. I think its not the heat that kills these two species, but the heat that makes them more susceptible to viruses which do them in. I know I have heard of some universities that grow sanguinea in green houses that are much hotter than the standard 80 degrees you here most people talk about for these species. I just don't believe that nonsense as that has not been my experience. I have had some die in the summer do to viruses in the past, not to the heat. I do find that sanguinea wilts a lot more than anyother Brugmansia I have in the heat as well if it is not heavily watered. The arborea is hybridizable with these species from what I here, things like the flava are created from these crosses. Sorry folks, I have not hybridized with those three species nor do I have an arborea, but I have seen the true arborea growing as far south as in Vero, Florida. Very velvety leaves and intense fragrance. Perhaps one day I will get a nice arborea or flava hybrid, just growing the a few sanguinea, one vulcanicola and several suave., versicolor, aurea, etc type hybrids right now though. I do find that the leaves on the sanguinea and vulcanicola I have are a bit more velvety and serrated than my other hybrids, but as I don't really collect those species in large numbers I can't really speak about them with any certainty. Hope this helps,

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