H. multiflora survey

Celaya, Mexico(Zone 10a)

Question to the H. multiflora owners out there:
Does yours keep or throw the flower peduncle after the blooms faded and fell off?

My variegated multiflora until now has always "thrown" the peduncle after flowering.

Decatur, IN(Zone 5a)

My variagated one kept the same peduncle and bloomed about 4 or 5 times out of the same one. Then it started turning yellow and fell off but is quickly growing peduncle on the next node.

The regular one has done the same, blooms several times from the same peduncle and then it yellows and fall off. At first I thought I was doing something wrong but its been doing this and the rest of the plant is fine. In my observations, I've noticed it just as the plant is starting a growth spurt.

Celaya, Mexico(Zone 10a)

Mine is steadily growing and has a peduncle on each new node (usually 2-3 peduncles with flowers open), yet it will throw the peduncle shortly after the first blooms fell off.
Gemila do you know the origin of your variegated one?
Mine is from Paul Shirley GPS8121.

Decatur, IN(Zone 5a)

Mine is also from Paul Shirley. I also ordered the 'speckled'(?) as part of a group order but the three cuttings we ordered were too tender to make the long trip without any moisture. None made it but I was lucky to save the variagated ones.

Celaya, Mexico(Zone 10a)

Yeah it's best to ask Paul to put the tender ones in ziploc bags. Worked reasonably good last year when a shipment took over 10 days to arrive.
Didn't even see the multiflora 'speckles' until now, too bad you lost yours.
I wonder why mine is throwing? Maybe it just prefers growing instead of keeping the peduncles.

Livermore, CA(Zone 9a)

I found that when I kept my multiflora's consistenly wet, they would keep their blooms. Before I started doing that, they would drop every bloom.


Celaya, Mexico(Zone 10a)

Patricia, I'm not talking about it blasting the flowers. It blooms happily as you can see on the attached picture.
I'm talking about it dropping the flower stalk once the flowers had bloomed and faded first time around
I first thought that it depends on possible variations of multiflora but that theory has proven as false since Gemila got hers from the same source and hers keeps the peduncle for repeated flowering.
Still want to hear from other multiflora owners (would be good if the source of it is also mentioned)


Thumbnail by PanamonCreel
Atlanta, GA(Zone 8a)

My Multiflora keeps the peduncle for repeat blooms. Once the flowers fade and fall, it sends out another set of blooms on the same peduncle.

Thumbnail by weeding
Keaau, HI(Zone 11)

The H. multiflora clones I have (a big almost camellia type leaf and a long narrow leafed one) bloom on the same peduncles over and over. I have never noticed if they discard them after a couple of blooms or not...I will have to look :o)

Valley Village, CA

Multiflora is not listed as succulent, perhaps that is why I must give it more water than the rest of my other Hoya.

Celaya, Mexico(Zone 10a)

LOL Norma, one look at a multiflora and one should know that it's not a succulent. Even me with a "succulent revisionist thinking" would not even remotely place it as a succulent.

Possibly my multiflora puts all energy into growing tall instead of keeping the peduncles after flowering.
I guess I finally have to get my courage together and chop the top of my 5 foot some single multiflora stem :(.
Hopefully that will give it a slap on its behind to finally branch out and keep the peduncles :).

New York, NY

My multiflora (from Logee's) blooms four or five times from the same peduncle before it yellows and falls off. Then a new peduncle appears. It consistently maintains two peduncles. Beautiful plant, Milan.

Keaau, HI(Zone 11)

Milan...guess what is also screaming "Milan, Milan"? LOL

Celaya, Mexico(Zone 10a)

LOL soon gonna need ear plugs to sleep :)

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