Valley Village, CA

Does anyone collect Crassula? I sure need someone to share information, it's lonely for Crassula collectors. Crasulady


How GREAT to see YOU!!!

I got my 'campfire'. I showed in the local show, entered five plants and went home with three blue ribbons!! Jeff helped.

I'm so glad you're here! How are things? Whens the big event? Is it at the HB Gardens themselves?

How's your greenhouse plants, and everything else to boot?

Oh, and for everyone else, this is the lady who has the answers to The Succulent Questions. She's The One, but if I don't shut up...

Great to see you here Crasulady.


Thousand Oaks, CA

I am NOT a Crassula expert (or much of an expert with any succulents) but I do have quite a number of species growing in pots and in the ground... i think last count was 16 species. Most do quite well in the ground here in So Cal, but some don't. Some do a little too well. My wife loves them, but then leaves me to do something with them, so I plant most of them out back under partial shade of the Ficus tree and they seem to thrive there. I can't remember most of their names off the top of my head, but if interested, we can talk about what we have.

Valley Village, CA

I have a lot of plants, and some just baffle me. I grow all sorts of species from the Crassulacae family. All do well in my Zone 21 climate. Cena, you are too much, now please don't over due it. I know nothing about cactus, have purchased my first two books on the subject so I can learn. Now on the other hand I have studied Crassula all my life and will continue to do so, I don't like the alternative.

Crassula are my speciality, but I do know a bit on how to propagate the species. This week I have spent hours changing their soil and clening them up. All have gone into new show pots. I not one to show my plants, I let others do that.

I still collect the species, and hope to learn to identfy most of them by sight, without the flowers, I don't care about their locations of where found. There are many people out there who have brought back species from Africa not even knowing what they are, that is my only chance of getting something new, these plants will all go to the Huntington Gardens, photographed and recorded.

I now have a very large collection and don't mind sharing with others who collect and are able to grow them. I just don't want to give them away to die.

I'm so glad to meet all of you and invite you to visit my garden any time you come to the San Fernando Valley. Norma

Hey BBob, never noticed your location exactly before... I am located in ChulaWanna.

With your plants, was wondering if you were a member of the local Cacti & Succulents Society? They had a great show and sale last weekend.

Gee, should I have started a new thread here? Anyway, just good to have new (and ... mature) friends to talk about succulents with!


Thousand Oaks, CA

Never heard of ChulaWanna... I live in Thousand Oaks, California... been to numerous cactus and succulent shows, but try not to go to all since I can't control myself at them... always come home with something. I was a member a few years ago, but am a member of so many plant groups that I have to start weeding some out. Good group, though. We usually go to the larger Huntington and LA aboretum sales/ meetings. Great shows!

Valley Village, CA

Cena, hi,
Our big event is the National Show and Sale which will be held at the Huntington Gardens on June 30 July 1-2 that weekend. The National convention which my group is hosting will be held at the Marriott Hotel the whole week starting Sun. June 30, with lots of Venders, speakers, book sales, etc. we are expecting about 400 guests. I still don't know how many of them will be sleeping here at my house, oh well, one big happy family.

My green house is starting to look pretty good, it will still need another day to have it the way I really want it to look, the Sans. look great and coming into full growth after the winter months, they are cleaned up and repotted.

The Crassula all have their new soil and rooms, I really should redo the labels this year. Every thing looks better in clean pots and groomed, ugly plants all of a sudden become beautiful again. Crasulady

Valley Village, CA

Botany Bob, you are invited to visit our group, The Los Angeles Cactus Club. We meet on the last Thursday of the month, with the exception of a few, like the next one due to the National Convention being held here at the Marriott Hotel starting July 1. The National show will be held at the Huntington Gardens on that weekend. It will be free to the public. [email protected] for information.

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