Phalsa, Falsa (Grewia subinaequalis)

Rockledge, FL(Zone 10a)

Phalsa, Falsa
Grewia subinaequalis

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Rockledge, FL(Zone 10a)

This fruit is past its prime ripe stage and headed towards
Finally after few days of waiting, I got what I had been patiently waiting for: the fermenting sap slowly oozing out
of the overripe fruit.

Lilburn, GA

I have been looking for this tree for long time. If I can even obtain some seeds, I can try to grow some. Any chance of obtaining some?

Rockledge, FL(Zone 10a)

The season is june/july, so the next time I'll have some seeds is 2010 summer.

Strangely enough, Fort Valley State University near Macon, Goergia had done extensive research on Phalsa. I'm sure they can help you also with seeds.

Here's a link,

If they cannot help you, please let me know ahead of time next year.

Lilburn, GA


Today I was checking back on Phalsa after talking to one of my childhood friend about these awesome fruit :)) ..

I did not see a way to obtain seed from those researchers, but I will continue to find a way. Meanwhile, if you do have any available (Phalsa Seed), please let me know if I can obtain some from you? I will be happy purchase few seed from you and pay shipping and handling. Thank you.

My Email address ichoudhury007 at G mail dot com

Thank you again

Lilburn, GA

I think I might be able to get some seed afterall from these resource called "Seed People" and currently awaiting delivery. I will update once I received them. I know you are in Florida with those long Sunny Days, but in Georgia, I was wondering what I can do as far as getting the seeds to sprout (ie. preparation of the soil) . Anyway, thanks and I will keep you posted.

Lilburn, GA

By the way, I received Sees from not only seed people but also a great gentleman from Pakistan sent me some free of charge. Unfortunately, I have yet to successfully get a single seed to sprout. :(

Karachi, Pakistan(Zone 11)

They sprout very easily here in Pakistan, you can see numerous seedlings below a fruiting shrub during monsoon.. did you tried nicking them and placing them in a heated propagator?

Lilburn, GA

Hi Izhar,

I need to retry right after April or even May, so the temperature stay over 75 F average. Even though with heatpad and all other type of help, I am not having great success germinating them. Anyway, I will keep you posted. Thanks!

Lilburn, GA

I just did not have much luck with seed but fortunately I ran into a nursery off of FL who is selling seedlings ( ) . I ordered two but if I recall correctly, you don't need a pollinator for this to fruit, but helps with bigger harvest. (At this point, I am just happy that I am close to owning that plant)

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