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I'm new to this particular forum. This thread is in connection with an old address in Edingurgh. It is about one
J.G.TAIT, 38, George Square, Edingurgh, Scotland.

Believe me, he used to live there in the mid 20s onwards. He was teacher in a couple of reputed colleges in Bangalore and Madras (India) about 80 years ago. My grandfather was one of his favourite students here. They had developed a good friendship and used to correspond often. Those letters from Mr.Tait were much cherished by my g-father and he had preserved them. I continue to preserve those handwritten letters even after my g-father's death (1976). Because, I have always enjoyed the style of English, esp. old.

Now, I am just curious to know if that address still exists. In one of his letters he mentions about his son Peter playing for his school (in cricket) for the Under-13s. That was in 1926 and by this time, if at all Peter is alive, he will be very old too. If someone in his lineage is still traceable, I can just show how great Mr.J.G.Tait was through those old letters.

Is it possible?

It is possible, not easy, but possible!

I ran a search for the address through the Royal Mail.com and it seems that the building has probably been taken over/knocked down by the University of Edinburgh. A search for a P. Tait in BT.com directory enquires bought up no similar name but that's not to say that Mr P. Tait or his family aren't alive.

It's going back a long time and we're a more mobile society now, however, one of the Edinburgh's local newspapers might allow free ads for reuniting people, it might even be worth writing to them and they may run a story about Mr J.G. Tait as part of local historical interest, I know our local and county papers sometimes run these stories.

Mysore, India(Zone 10a)

I have a couple of group pictures taken at the college during that time and I will scan the picture for you sometime early next week. Mr.Tait, like most of the British residents in India belonged to the elite group of respected gentlemen. No wonder my g-father grew up in those lines! I will try to gather a bit of information with some details so that you can get it published there. Let me see.

Mysore, India(Zone 10a)

This is a picture I told about. Will be back with details.

This group is the Madras Christian College Cricket Team, the winners of the Inter-Collegiate Shield, 1918. Mr.Tait, M.A. is sitting with the trophy near his feet, hat in hand. My grandfather is standing behind him in the black coat.

Mr. Tait remembered in the mid 1930s when he wrote to him from Scotland after he retired, about a certain cricket match -I presume it was something to do with this one. It was about my grandfather taking three crucial wickets in one over (his first of the innings) against their opponents and that was the key in winning that match.

Sitting on extreme right of Mr.Tait is one Rev.G. Pittendrigh, (black suit) and sitting next to him is one Ritchworth. I presume Mr.Tait was a Physics teacher. Not too sure. He was teaching for the B.A. Rev.W.Skinner is to Mr.Tait's extreme left. During this time, he was close to his retirement, it is presumed.

Mysore was lucky to have so many intellectuals from the UK in various positions, usually high and it had created a great impression on the minds of the people here. That reflected in the generations to come. Thanks should go to the Mysore Kings, themselves great patrons of Art, Culture and Education. Some of the roads/parks are also named after a few of those British residents who were doing wonderful service here. We have Curzon Park, Cubbon Park, Gordon Park... There was one Rev.Sawday, a Christian Missionary, very popular for his good deeds. My bungalow is next to his.

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This one is from the 1916-17 batch of Senior Intermediate class at Central College, Bangalore, India. Mr.JG Tait is sitting at the centre in white suit with hat on lap. My 20-year old grandfather (!!) is standing there, the white arrow pointing to him.

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Fantastic photos Dinu.
I do hope you manage to find some trace to the address. Sorry I can't add any more suggestions as Baa has put forward much better ideas than I could.
Good luck in your search

Mysore, India(Zone 10a)

Thank you Philomel. There is no real purpose in my search but I was just curious to know if someone down Mr.Tait's line is still existing and I would be too glad to show them these pictures and his few letters I have preserved. Baa has given me the information that the location where he used to live has now been taken over by the University.

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I'm now writing a post in my blog. Bringing this old thread up again........also for any help from the newer members on this curiosity!

http://mysoreanmusings.blogspot.in/2013/03/teacher-pupil-association-some-letters.html Here is the post.

Mysore, India(Zone 10a)

Anybody here can help? Bringing this up again since there are many new entrants.

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