Is anyone having trouble keeping up with name tags?

Bushland, TX(Zone 6a)

I'm thinking now birds are stealing them,unless I have strangers visiting when I'm not home,not know the name of a plant and take them,so they'll know when they go to the nursery to find them for themselves.
Any way is the passion vitifolia or coccinea?

Thumbnail by Tropicman
Ventura, United States(Zone 10b)

Gosh, Don, I have no idea. Maybe we'll find out when it blooms. That is terrible that people would steal your tags! Recently, I had two ladies at my front yard gate with clippers in their hand! They were going to take a cutting of Pink Beauty. Luckily, my dogs let me know that they were there. I voluntarily gave them cuttings, but I don't like the idea of people taking without asking first.

Bushland, TX(Zone 6a)

I started using popsickle sticks,magic marker then the ink washed away,can't win for losing.hopes this wind lets up soon or they'll be no more pruining the rest of the summer.

Lima, OH(Zone 5a)

If you are sure it is a Vitifolia or Coccinea?? The leaves on Vitifolia are three fingered, while Coccinea is one oblong leaf.

See pic of my Coccinea, with leaf.

Thumbnail by Hibiscus
Bushland, TX(Zone 6a)

Hmmm,well Hi.
I got 2 from e-bay,one was coccinea and was vitifolia,bot both of them are tri lobed,the one I got in the pic above was from florida from a persom with 100% rating,same with the one from a nurserey in North Dakota.I guess will have to wait until they flower and guess then,thanks.

Lima, OH(Zone 5a)

Both flower blooms look almost alike, can really only tell diff. with the leaves.

Got mine from Logees'. They will probably be having Coccinea on sale this fall. Do not care for their $10. shipping, almost as much as the plant.

Ventura, United States(Zone 10b)

Don, I think the passiflora above is P. vitifolia. Here is a picture of my friend Vickey's P. vitifolia. I think the leaves may be the same.

Thumbnail by Clare_CA
Bushland, TX(Zone 6a)

Thanks Clare looks the same to me too.

Citrus Heights, CA(Zone 9b)

Here's mine I think so too.

Thumbnail by RichSwanner
Bushland, TX(Zone 6a)

Now thats an eye catcher!!
Can't wait until mine starts blooming.

Navarre (NW FL), FL(Zone 8b)

I have P. vitifolia and I too would guess that you have vitifolia (pictured in your first posting). Good luck with your plants. Very neat pictures...

Bushland, TX(Zone 6a)

Thanks,Bug it's growing good,still waiting for the blooms.

Port Saint Lucie, FL(Zone 9b)

Blooms yet???


Bushland, TX(Zone 6a)

Yep,a long time ago,but didn't winter over,but traded for new one,but it is having to stuggle as well,don't think they like this kansas weather!!!LOL

Port Saint Lucie, FL(Zone 9b)

Very cool, just checking if you finally opened :)

San Diego, CA

This plant is definately Vitifolia. Coccinea has single lobbed leafs so the other you bought is Vitifolia as well. I've seen quite a few Coccinea offered on ebay and when you look at the leaf or ask the seller to describe the leaf, it turns out to be Vitifolia.

Bushland, TX(Zone 6a)

That is my understanding as well,the one I have now has the single leaf.

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