Green Euryops, Bush Daisy 'Viridis' (Euryops pectinatus)

Foley, AL(Zone 9a)

Green Euryops, Bush Daisy 'Viridis'
Euryops pectinatus

Our trimmed ornamental Daisy Tree that blooms for us profusely!

Thumbnail by SandPiper
Savannah, GA(Zone 8b)

does this bloom year round?

Foley, AL(Zone 9a)

Hi PurplePetunia and thanks for question. I live in Foley, AL, 5 mins. from Gulf Shores Beaches, so have good climate for growing! This adorable daisy tree blooms from very early spring till the first "frost" in late fall in my area. This pix was taken thru our glass front door and we punched holes in the plastic container it grows in and sink it in the ground during blooming season so we can see it outside and enjoy it. During the brief cold season we bring it in and keep it in our enclosed sun room and still have an occasional bloom or two. It prefers lots of sun and loves to be talked to and told how pretty it is! Otherwise is an easy care tree that merely needs watering and the usual "liquid food" for maintenance and provides us with such a showy display of perky, bright flowers. Oh! Need to keep dead blooms picked off!... SandPiper

Brookeville, MD(Zone 7a)

This is one of the most awesome plants I've ever seen! Great pic too! You don't have extras by any chance, do you? What size pot are you growing it in?

Foley, AL(Zone 9a)

Thank you, CaptMicha! And the Daisy Tree thanks you, too... I wish I DID have a few extra plants. I have thought of trying to save the spent flowers and attempting to get seeds from it and try growing one. I don't know if that would work or not, but would be worth the effort. The trunk of this tree is very small and is supported with a heavy stake. It is potted in a 14 inch pot and is a slow grower so looks like I won't have to repot for at least another year. Please view my other picture of the single daisy flower that is also featured with the other picture, if you haven't already. It is indeed, a unique tree and we enjoy the constant perky, happy blooms... SandPiper....

Myrtle Beach, SC

I have had one of these gorgeous trees in my yard for the last year, but after our recent storm, Charley, it was blown over. I now have it in a pot, and so far it seems O.K. I am not sure how to prune it, however. Any suggestions or help?

Foley, AL(Zone 9a)

Oh man, lisagary12, so sorry about Charley doing that to your daisy tree. We put ours in the ground in the pot and will take it up before it starts getting cold here on the coast and move it into our enclosed sunroom for the winter. I don't know how to answer you question on pruning as you don't mention how you have done it previously, or if you have, or if you purchased it already pruned? Ours has grown, almost doubled, and has blooms on it most of the time. As cooler nights have come, it seems to be slowing down on blooming. I will take some pictures in the next few days and post them here on this thread for an update on it for you. I keep the bottom little limbs trimmed off as they begin to sprout as I like the rounded shape you see in the picture. I have let the top grow as the blooms are so pretty and bright, but am going to prune it back to the round shape soon... Thanks for your interest and hope I can help. Look for some pictures in a few days.... :O)

Myrtle Beach, SC

The limbs on mine are rather long, with foliage and flowers at the tips, not near the trunk. I worry that if I cut it back too much, it will die. I have not tried to prune it before, I just let it grow, but it maintains the round shape.

Schererville, IN

Hi! I have a question for anyone who can answer, regarding daisy bushes. I bought two daisy bushes this season which I planted in two extra large pots (the largest they have at Lowes) with fresh potting dirt in May. They sit on my deck in the yard and get full sun until about 4-5pm every day. I water every day in the morning till I see a little lake about a 1/2 high in the container and then stop. The leaves on both are dying from the inside and the dying leaves are slowly spreading to the outside. I don't know why this is happening!! FYI I live in Northwest Indiana and our summer this year hsa been unusually cool. In June it was raining every other day. (I hardly watered my plants in June. ) July was cool and August has been cool as well. No heat waves yet this year.

I love my daisy bushes and I get lots of compliments on them, but I just can't figure this out.... Can anyone help me solve this mystery? Thanks! -- flowerphile.

Foley, AL(Zone 9a)

flowerphile, let me do a little research into your question. My first reaction is that you might be over watering this plant...especially since you say your summer has been cool. I only water our tree once a week and I live in a very hot climate. Another mistake may be that you transplated to a much larger pot too soon....But I will get back to you and lisagary after I have looked into this some. I sure hope I can help, since this seems to be kinda rare bush and oh so beautiful. ,,, Later.....

Schererville, IN

thanks so much SandPiper! I should also mention that I have lots of annuals planted around the stem of the tree, too. that is why I water every day. Maybe next year I'll just plant the tree in the ground....... oh and the tags on the trees when I bought them from Lowes this year said these bushes were thirsty plants...... maybe they were mistaken?? ---flowerphile.

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Foley, AL(Zone 9a)

Hi again... From what I have re-learned, instructions for care of this tree is to keep the soil "moist" but not soaked. As you have other blooming flowers around it, they are taking some of the moisture. Slack back on too much water as one of the first signs of leaves turning brown and dying is too much water and I know of one person who rotted the roots before she realized it, killing her tree. The other thing is to prune the tree as soon as the bloosoms began to fade. Don't let it become "leggy". Pruning encourages thick growth and more blooms! I took some pix of mine a few mins ago, but got company coming so will post as soon as I can! Hope this helps a little...

Foley, AL(Zone 9a)

Here is the latest photo of my Daisey Tree since last posting it in the Data base the first of the Spring. I have shown how it is "planted" in the ground with rock around the pot both below and above ground. All it needs right now is a "flat top" since it has just now gone into it's resting stage from blooming. I will simply snip off the top limbs that have grown up. It has a least doubled in growth this year. And by the way, depending on your zone, this tree/bush will bloom year round. I hope I have helped. Thanks!

Thumbnail by SandPiper
Schererville, IN

Hey SandPiper! thanks for the info. Since you mentioned overwatering, I have been trying to moderate it. But since Tuesday, its been raining hard ever since!! No rain expected Saturday though. I am going to try to figure out how to down-load pictures from my digital camera. If I can figure it out... I'll post a pic.

SO sad, but my daisy tree will die in October probably starting when we get our first frost. It's simply too big to bring indoors and I don't get enough light in the winter. :( ---flowerphile.

Foley, AL(Zone 9a)

Flowerphile, We simply HAVE to save your daisey tree!!!!! Please do send me a pix soon and let's figure out a way..... We have a mission... Anone else have any ideas????? Help!!!!

Schererville, IN

that's so nice! actually I was thinking of you because of the rash of hurricanes in Sept. didn't one go directly thru your area? I hope there wasn't too much damage. It's funny you mention my daisy trees, I've called my sister in law this week and she will take both of them. ( I have two, plus 6 huge hybiscus trees and one bouiganvilla (sp?)and more......) I am working on sending my other big ornamental trees etc to other friends and family who will take them......can't find the darn digital camera. will look in earnest now! take care ! ---flowerphile

Foley, AL(Zone 9a)

Hi flowerphile...yes there is not much left of the town I live in. I am 10 miles inland from Gulf Shores, AL where Ivan hit us full force directly in the eye of the hurricane with 140 mph winds. Pres Bush was here a week ago and stood on what once were our beaches and wept openly. He declared it a Federal emergency area, which is good as there is nothing left of Gulf Shores but gutted buildings. The first surge of tidal wave that hit Gulf Shores was near 30 feet tall, so you can image. We had some major damage to our home from wind and trees falling on it. We had evacuated to safer ground. Thanks for asking. We are thankful we did not have more damage as so much was lost here....
So glad you are saving your daisey tree. Ours was knocked over by a large Oak tree that fell on our house, but we were able to lift it back up and stake it and it is already blooming again!!!

Schererville, IN

I am so glad that you and your family stayed safe during hurricane Ivan. Wow! I hope your clean up and repairs went ok. I truly can't imagine the devastation, even though I did see it on tv. Best wishes to you and your family for the coming new year and happy holidays!!!!

Social Circle, GA

I have a Daisy Tree that I brought inside when it started to get cold (GA) and it was doing well, although some brown leaves. When we returned from Christmas vacation, I noticed more and more brown leaves and dried up stems. On further inspection, I saw small cobwebs. I sprayed it, and cut off some of the dead looking branches. I feel like I might have overwatered, although the soil (original to the purchased pot) seemed dry. I fed it, and it started to get new growth, but there are areas of very dead looking branches.

I sprayed it again, as I saw a couple of litte webs, but don't know if I should cut off all the brown branches, and if so, how far back? There are two or three new growth starts on part of it, but they don't look particulary healthy. Help!!

Lansing, MI

I live in Michigan, so this fall I brought in my beautiful Daisy Tree. It was bigger than any I have seen in the pictures and full of blooms. BUT, since I have brought it in, it is just not happy. I have it in a window on the same side of the house as it was outside. Actually only feet away from where it was. Now the branches are dying from the inside coming out. I was watering it every other day like I was outside. Then I saw in one of the other postings that I may be overwatering. So I stopped watering so much, now it is getting worse. Help, I dont want to lose me precious Daisy Tree!!!!!!!! I love it so much.

Englewood, CO

My daisy tree was brought indoors in Colorado this winter. Mine is also struggling. Where it is directly under the grow light, I get lots of new green growth, and even some flowers, so I know light is the primary thing effecting my tree. However, I've just noticed these black bumps forming on the limbs. I picked one off (and they come off easily), but didn't really see anything inside. Anyone know what those are? Should I be worried?

Ferrum, VA

I *just* found out what this gorgeous plant is! I saw it in a newly landscaped yard, took a picture, and found it through Google. Your site was linked through one of the Google Images.

I live in zone 7a, so I wonder if this will live in my area throughout the winter. If I can find them, I want to plant them close to the house in my flower beds.

My big question now: Where, or where, do I find these to purchase? I'd love to find and plant a couple now, mid-October, and see how they do. I've called a couple of places, and they've never heard of them.

Any idea where I can find them in south-central Virginia?


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