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Asparagus Fern, Plumosa Fern (Asparagus setaceus)

New Castle, IN

Asparagus Fern, Plumosa Fern
Asparagus setaceus

This was purcased at Walmart. Help with care would be appreciate. It will be kept indoors

Thumbnail by smayne
Murfreesboro, TN

Keep it moist at all times. Don't let it dry out. The trick is to keep the top portion of the pot moist because it will dry out before the roots at the bottom of the pot will. So deep water it on Monday and on Tuesday, water it to where you think only enough water goes half way down. On Wednesday, water it like Tuesday. On Thursday, deep water it to where water is in the drip tray. You get the idea. Use a sprayer and mist it as much as you can or will. Water it everyday.
Runners will shoot up and follow the light. I have to be careful or they will wrap themselves around the window blinds. Turn the plant every few days toward the light. Trim off any dead leaves and if you have one that needs trimmed back to the soil, do so with sissors. If the leaves turn yellow, you are drowning it. If they are brown, you are not watering it everyday. I hope this helps. Admiralftp.

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