Dischidia Anyone ?

About a month ago, I received a Dischidia Pectinoides, mail order (Smoley's), well 1 week ago I noticed a sort of long narrow seed pod thingy on it. This morning I saw that overnight the seed pod had burst open and there were these milk weed like things in all the pots below this plant as it was hanging in a window, a few were clinging to the curtains, so I gathered them and put those in a pot of soil. Is this normal? Will they grow into new plants? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Jackie

SW, WI(Zone 4b)

They do produce seed pods, and they are easily grown from seed!! woo hoo!! Wanna trade a few?

Kamloops, BC(Zone 4b)

Dear Jackie,

The seed pod on your Dischidia (also called a seed 'horn', because of the shape) sounds like most other Asclepiad seed containers. Not only is the shape of the pod unusual, to go along with an unusual plant and very different flowers, they usually sprout with ease. They usually root well from cuttings (Asclepiads in general), but I have never grown a tropical asclepiad, just those from the dry areas of the world (Somalia, Yemen, and South Africa).

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