SOLVED: Little dark-green shiny houseplant

San Lorenzo, CA

Received this as a gift in a basket of office plants last August. It seems to grow slowly, but it's a little happier since I gave it a pot of its own last week. Any ideas?

Thumbnail by Essensia
Macclesfield, CHESHIRE(Zone 8a)

The leaves remind me of Ficus benjamina, but it should be showing a central stem (trunk) by now.

El Tel

SW, WI(Zone 4b)

It looks like a hoya to me....what are the stems like (woody, green,etc..) and does it seem to want to 'trail'?? I'm also thinking peperomia....but looks closest to hoya in the pic.

San Lorenzo, CA

Great suggestions, eltel and Nan, thank you. I looked up pictures of hoya, peperomia, and Ficus benjamina. Of those three, I'm leaning toward ficus because the plant doesn't look succulent at all, but that's difficult to see in the photo. Its stems are woody at the bottom, green and spindly farther up. I found photos of two Ficus benjamina varieties, "Midnight" and "Indigo", that are pretty close.

So.App.Mtns., United States(Zone 5b)

Looks like the cuttings off my ficus benjaminus.... so I agree with eitel and Nan.

San Lorenzo, CA

Thanks, darius, that's good to hear. Now I can figure out how to satisfy the little critter. I'm embarrassed to admit that I pretty much ignored it (except for watering) for almost a year 'til the gardening bug bit me recently.

Woodbourne, NY(Zone 5a)

I can see a general similarity in the leaf shape, but the growth pattern is not at all that of Ficus benjamina. I've seen the plant elsewhere, but I'm afraid I don't know the name.

Princeton, NJ(Zone 6a)

could be ficus nitida a.k.a ficus retusa.

Woodbourne, NY(Zone 5a)

It could be Ficus retusa 'nitida.' Have a look at this pic:

The picture shows a full grown tree, but you can see the leaves clearly. What throws me is that the leaves in Essensia's picture look like they might be pennate -- pairs of leaves growing directly opposite each other on a stem.

Essensia, are the leave like that, or is it just the pic?

San Lorenzo, CA

Paris, the leaves are not directly opposite each other. (I originally posted that they're almost directly opposite each other, but I checked, and they're not. Hence the edit to this post.) The tree in your hyperlink looks like a very close match! One weird thing: it indicates "full sun" for the tree, but my plant was in an indoor plant basket created by a florist. Maybe that's why it hardly grew at all in the 8 months I had it at the office?

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Crystal Lake, IL

Your plant look like a Murraya paniculata (or M. exotica) to me. It's hard to find good pics of this plant on the web, but here are some of the better ones. also has a couple of good pics, under "Houseplants"


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