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Confederate Rose, Cotton Rose (Hibiscus mutabilis)

Foley, AL(Zone 9a)

Confederate Rose, Cotton Rose
Hibiscus mutabilis

My favorite blooming bush/tree. Brought this one as a cutting from MS when I moved to AL.

Thumbnail by SandPiper
League City, TX

I have a 1 1/2 year old plant that looks like this given to me by my mother-in-l;aw. It has never bloomed although it si over 6 feet tall. Do I need to feed it or what. So far it looks like Jack's bean stalk.

Foley, AL(Zone 9a)

You didn't include a pix for comparision. But if it IS a Confederate Rose, it should have bloomed the first year. They begin blooming in the early fall and bloom profusely until right before threat of the first frost and you have to prune them down. It is my belief that they are the "last rose of summer" you hear referred to since they are the last flowers to bloom before winter....I have always had one or two and wish I could answer your question. I fertilize mine several times a year when I think about it, but they do well on their own. And I've never had one look like "Jack's bean stalk" LOL Perhaps you could look this up on the internet for some advice. Good luck...

Pune, India

I have my doubts if it is Hibiscus. The leaf looks unlike a hibiscus leaf.

Sugarland, TX(Zone 9a)

I have five plants 3 months old and looks exactly the same. I purchased tem from very well regarded Morris Nursery. Jamshed in Houston, TX

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