Premont, TX(Zone 9b)

Anyone here a stroke ? I was 51 when I had mine paraliazed on the left side for a few months I have since recovered but my left side is weaker than my right . I have arthritis and high blood presure also.I still do all my housework and all my gardening work except sometimes I hire someone to help with the weeding ..

Hughesville, MO(Zone 5a)

Yup! Been there and am still here and kicking. I was about 47 when I had the first one. Had several more after that Still have some small residual effects even tho they were mostly suppose to have been TIAs which are not suppose to have residuals.

Premont, TX(Zone 9b)

Leaflady, TIA I have had a few of thoese this year ..Had several in Jan and was in the hospital for over a week. I know what you mean about the residual effects I have been worse since I got the TIA's in Jan..I have noticed that ..The doctor said last week that according to the MRI and cat scans I had a mild stroke this time.Get so tries of taking so many meds.I take 8 different meds a day.Plus the once a month blood work because of the blood thinner I take.Doctor says I am 100 percent disabled and I dont want to except the fact..So I keep on doing as much as I can till my body lets me know I cant do no more.

Burleson, TX

I have had 5 strokes and usually have a few TIA's each year. The first stroke at age 34 was the worst. Left me with permanent left-side paralysis and partially blind in my left eye. I, too, just keep chugging along. So, I am envious that you actually recovered from your paralysis! I have just recently joined DG and have found some nice folks here. Despite the strokes caused by an autoimmune disease called CAD (which is more debilitating than the strokes), plus fibro, none of my doctors has ever implied that I am disabled. Mostly because I am stubborn and do whatever it is I want. They see this, and compared to some of their other patients, I appear to be doing great! Left my hubby and kids in Nov. and took off to Puerto Rico for a solo adventure... it was heavenly to say the least!
I think disability is *often* a state of mind. I once was in a fibro support group online. It was truly the most depressing group of people I have interacted with. When a particular member in Cal. enlisted the help of Dr. Kavorkian to end her life (he is in jail for this particular assisted suicide), I said buh-bye! About a year later I saw one of the news shows (Dateline, 20/20, one of them) that detailed her story. I'm sorry to say, this poor woman probably needed to be treated for depression. Sadly, she found a permanent solution in Kavorkian.
Depressing people tend to depress me, so I generally steer clear! I am not adverse to discussing symptoms, or comparing notes, as it were. However, some people tend to wallow in their problems, and I tend to be an optimist. Prior to having autoimmune problems, I volunteered at a children's cancer ward. Whenever I feel a bit down about whatever is ailing me, I just think of these little folk who faced down horrible illness, away from home, but still managed to smile and laugh. It is funny, whenever I visit the neuro or oncologist (who treats my blood disorder), I feel like an imposter when I see others who are much worse off than I am. It makes me realize how truly blessed I am! I thought it was neat that DG has a forum for disabled gardening... because, we all may have some sort of disability, but at least we are gardening (or contemplating it)!... which is often no small task!

Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

Here, here, Plantiques!

Welcome to DG, emh48. I've not had a stroke, but struggle with some other issues. But like you and others here have said, you just keep going and enjoying the blessings you do have. Our yard beckons my hubby and I tomorrow, and it's something we're both looking forward to.

Hughesville, MO(Zone 5a)

I agree about staying away from depressing people. To some degree we can limit the disabling of some conditions tho we do have to face the reality of disability. But disability means different things to different people. While I am disabled and must pace my activities like a person much older than I really am, I do manage to have a fairly full life.

Different meds have different effects are different people. For instance, Prednisone acts as a depressant to many people while I am usually very up and PollyAnnish on it. I had more depression before Prednisone than I have since starting on it for the lung disease in May of '95. I can't really blame it for any weight gain either. It also seems to give me energy I would not have otherwise. One of my doctors calls steriods 'Feel Good' medications. I have also found that most medications that cause many people to be droopy and sleepy give me energy and help me be more alert. It may have have something to do with the fact that I am a true hyperactive type person.

GOD bless and keep each and all of you. Remember, Nothing is going to happen to you today or ever that you and GOD cannot handle together. Just don't ever try to do it all on your own.

Premont, TX(Zone 9b)

Oh I dont let this get in my way of life at all, I teach ccd classes at church belong to several club groups that help the needy.I do arts and crafts I love to garden , cook and bake....and do a little canning also... and am now planning our anunal Jamica for our church .

Lincoln City, OR(Zone 9a)

How is everyone doing now?

My DH had a stroke back in 91. It was 8 months after he had an artificial heart valve put in and the local doctor allowed his blood to get too thick. Ever since then we have had his cardiologist take care of his blood test results. He will be on coumadin the rest of his life and have a blood test at least once a month and some times twice a month but we feel fortunate to live in this era of science as if he hadn't had that valve he would not be here now. He hasn't had any problems with his heart since the surgery and his stroke only affected his ability to judge is something is dangerous or not and a little bit with short term memory. The danger thing is scary though. Last winter I found him out walking across our pond on the ice to go across with fewer steps to repair a fence. I have to keep my eyes on him. lol

Let us know how you are doing. You are all in my prayers.


Valley Village, CA

I'm new here, but not here to complain, I've had a few TIA and currently on Meds, but so what, the rest of you are too. I continue to garden, belong to Succulent groups, volunteer at the Huntington Garden, and getting ready for a surgery, which I don't think will be any fun. I keep up my spirits by doing things for others, I get please sending plants out, not trading. I get pleasure being asked to give a lesson on succulents for the 1st graders. I had a blast teaching 120 Girl Scouts how how to make succulent dish gardens. I got even a bigger kick when one child, asked me what was a succulent. I had fun putting the director of the Huntington Gardens to work on a rock pile, getting the right size of rocks for those dish gardens, I earned a Girl Scout Badge. The busier I am the better I feel. I still play bridge with the old ladies, 83+ I'm the youngest in the group, and they don't complain, so darn it I shoudn't either. I think my strokes effected the short term memory,
and word processing. I'm doing fine and will continue until I die. Nothing is going to stop me. Glad to have met all of you, thank you Norma


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