Garden aids for the physically challenged...

Burleson, TX

I am always looking for devices that help me with the stuff I am not strong enough to do. I am currently building a rock garden and moving and shifting huge rocks (up to 900 lbs) is definitely a bit of a challenge, even for the most able bodied folks! One device that has become invaluable in my efforts is a manual winch. I am sure there are other brands available, but the one I use is the POW'R-PULL by a company called Maasdam. All I do is attach it to whatever it is I'm dragging around, and the nearest strong tree. Then I pump the ratchet and voila! I even managed to reposition a 2700 lb. rock by myself (the company doesn't recommend this)! My husband thinks I'm nuts and should wait for his assistance! But when I'm ready to do stuff, he manages not to be around, and I am impatient!

Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

Wow, that's a neat sounding tool to have around! Ratchets are so handy.

I'd like to get the ratchet fasteners for webbing (like they use on trucks to hold cargo down), and use it to hang our hammock; I'd be able to get the tension good and tight with minimal effort.

Hughesville, MO(Zone 5a)

I never thought of such a tool. We have ratchets and come a longs in the garage and use them at deer butchering time to life the bodies to make it easier for me to reach the carcasses for skinning dressing out in cold weather and after dark. We also use the tractor bucket to lift the carcasses in good weather so I do it all outdoors and not mess up the garage.

I have learned to use the lawnmower and its handy little trailer to move larger items and ask our son for help more often. I really hate to admit I can no longer do all the heavy work I did years ago. At one time I could pick up a 50# bag of feed for each shoulder and carry another one up front of me in my arms. Now I can hardly wrestle one bag around and into the feed barrels(actually galvanized 30 gal. trash cans.).

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