Okay..need Ideas!

Crossville, TN(Zone 7a)

I am about to start work on my bedroom. (in the next few weeks or so)
EVERYTHING is gonna change! :-D

Deeeeeeeeeeeeeep reds and rich rich purples/browns/greens are my absolute favourites.

You all saw my bathroom I think. :-O

We live in a singlewide trailer so there's not much room. I wanna paint to trick the eye into thinking my room is a vast space.
But no really light colors!!!
Biege- yuccky!!! LOL

Here's what I was thinking. (feel free to say "omg that's awful!")

BTW- I will probably be mixing my own colors. :D

My walls wont be the same color. I am going to do a very deep deep base (probably a tarnished garnet red)- then over that I'll add two to three varying shades. Maybe like this..

Deep Purple-
Hints of Gold-

I'll probably be rolling the colors together. I want you to know there isnt just red- but I don't want a rainbow affect.
These are more earthy tones that Jewel. Rich - like some old Library or whatever.
It will be darker at the top and lighter towards the bottom.
Sort of like a crimson dawn...or sunset.

The ceiling will be... I am not sure!
I'm afraid to do it dark for fear of a "box" affect.
I might get some copper sheets and poke designs in them or just tarnish them. Probably will tarnish it instead. Don't want the room "busy".

The floor. It is going to be stained plywood. (remember I posted about this earlier?)
Maybe I am weird- but I like stained plywood floors!!! LOL
And it will be cheaper than buying flooring.

I have a ton of colored glass and trinkets. On one wall (head of my bed) I have this big wide trinket shelf my Grandfather gave me. I have stained it a dark reddish brown color. It looks nice.
I have one huge north west facing window. It gives alot of cool (cool as in cold) light. Looking out that window is part of my flower garden! :-D

Right behind my garden is a nice grove of trees.
I want to somehow bring my room out into my garden. (I'm eventually adding a deck off my room and replacing the window with french doors.)

Now keep in mind this is a trailer room- it is pretty small!

Here's the furniture I have.

One handmade Tall and Narrow Shift.
One Trinket Shelf- (on the wall).
One Vanity. ( stained it a really odd color of greenish blue! Might paint it over though.
One Twin Bed. (I wanna make a "floor bed" coming out of the corner of my room. Rounded end piled with pillows and fabrics/animal skins. Emmmmm Leather.)

Then again- I might add paper bags to the wall and stain it to look like leather.
What do y'all think?!

yes yes.. forgot to mention.
I plan on doing a "muted, mostly line art" mural on the opposite wall from the window. It will probably be birds with long tails on a branch with small simple flowers. (think chinese.)

Oh yes, forgot this too.
I am probably adding collums to the corners of the room.

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Scotia, CA(Zone 9b)

I love the idea of layered colors and with a copper ceiling and wood floor it would all look great. By keeping the mural in a mostly line art style it will not tend to overwhelm the small room.

I have seen the paper bag "leather" look and it can look good but to be honest, I liked the look of naugahide on the wall better. And it comes in lots of great colors. If you railroad it at the top of a wall and add a chair rail then paint , wall paper or french plaseter the bottom section it looks awsome.

But with your talane and imagination it is sue to look great no matter what you decide. So post lots of pics!

Crossville, TN(Zone 7a)

Oh ya! Thank you! :D Will get loads of pictures.

Memphis, TN(Zone 7b)

Crims - I just saw yesterday on HGTV that if you want a room to appear larger - DON'T paint the ceiling dark - might want to reconsider that part.

Also - I did a faux finish in my bath using saran wrap - I wadded it up and used it to remove color glaze (i.e. rolled on the color first) - kind of like a saran wrap sponge. The results look kind of like leather and it's so pretty. Let your imagine go wild!

Remember - you don't like it - you can always paint over it! My philosphy - paints cheap!

Good luck!

Crossville, TN(Zone 7a)

Cool Mbock! We did the glazing thing to our livingroom- but we used plastic bags to remove it! It turned out pretty nifty!
You should share some pictures!

Memphis, TN(Zone 7b)

I'll try to get a decent picture and post it. It's two shades of apple green - garden theme bathroom - and I just go in there and be happy! It's a happy bathroom! I'll post some shots tonight - if I remember - old age you know......;-)


Crossville, TN(Zone 7a)

Oh yes pictures would be great! *waits* hehe

So.App.Mtns., United States(Zone 5b)

Contrary to what mbock posted, I have had 2 small rooms with dark or even black ceilings. The effect was that the ceiling disappeared.

Sounds womderful, tsavo... Please post pics!

Crossville, TN(Zone 7a)

Darius cool thought! Imma look into that. I'll post pictures when I get it finished.

North Port, FL(Zone 9a)

did you consider maybe doing a sponge paint effect with some of the colors?

i love the look of sponge paint....

just a thought.......hee hee

luv ya

New Iberia, LA(Zone 9a)

Have you done finish yet?

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