Nago-ran (Sedirea japonica)

Tokyo, Japan

Sedirea japonica

Highly endangered southern Japanese orchid.

Thumbnail by Lophophora
Longfield, Kent, United Kingdom(Zone 8b)

A beautiful picture!

Tottori, Japan(Zone 9a)

Wow wow wow! I've waited this! It's very cute. The flowers look like angels are bowing:) I love this fragile beauty. Thank you for sharing!

Tokyo, Japan

Thank you both!

goldenfish - can you believe it? Flask-propagated Nago-ran cost over 3000 yen now in Tokyo nurseries. When I bought this one 10 years ago, it was only about 600. I'm hoping that's NOT because it was wild-collected!
BTW - what does the "nago" mean? Nagoya? ;)

duli - waiting anxiously for your Kinabulu pics - you didn't get shots of Paraphalaenopsis or Renanthera did you? Or even better, on the fauna side, Trogonoptera brookiana? Love those birdwings!

Tottori, Japan(Zone 9a)

Why do you well remember each price of your plants? Every time I forgot it as soon as I paid. LOL
Nago-ran was found in Nago-mountain (Nago-dake) in OKINAWA for the first time. So, they named it Nago-ran.

Tokyo, Japan

Well gf - usually I don't remember, but this...uh...was a special (clears throat and turns red)

Ok - so maybe I'm a bit ketchi... ;)

And thank you for the J-info: the kanji wasn't in my Nelson. By "Okinawa", you mean the main isle, not the prefecture, right?

(And *no* Baa, I will not translate 'ketchi' for you.)

That's ok I can guess

Tokyo, Japan

So which one did you guess?

"Wonderful", "Talented", "Handsome", or "Modest"?


You want me to answer ???


Tottori, Japan(Zone 9a)

No no you are not ketch:) If I well remembered like you, I wont ritter my money away! lol
Nago-dake in Nago-city. Going up north 60km from Naha-city.

Wilmington, DE(Zone 7a)

Wow this photo is awesome! What camera and lens and settings did you use? (ok I know it's an eon ago but maybe you kept notes). Thanks for posting them.

I've become addicted to your posted images. Don't stop.


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