CLOSED: Good or Bad bugs...

Colorado Springs, CO(Zone 6a)

Sorry I dont have a picture yet-- I find them when I'm not expecting it

The first bug is about half the size of my pinky nail, all white and leaves a bright white cottony residue around the space it's inhabiting the plant. They seem to have some of this cottony stuff on their body but I can also see wings in there maybe. Anyone know this one?

The other one is a caterpillar that is dark orange/red with black spikies all over it. I've seen them really small and really big. Anybody know this one? They're eating my passi's which I'm ok with as long as theres going to be a gorgeous butterfly in the end...:) Thank you for you help!

Lutz, FL(Zone 9b)

The caterpillar sounds like a Gulf Fritillary
Here's the butterfly
and yes they are beautiful!

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Colorado Springs, CO(Zone 6a)

It sure looks right! Thank you thank you.

Those are pretty, I think they'll stay. Now I feel bad that I killed 2 this morning in haste. :(

Now on to #1....:)

Westbrook, ME(Zone 5a)

Mealy bugs?

Your cats sounds like a Gulf Fritillary larvae

Colorado Springs, CO(Zone 6a)

I looked up mealy bugs before I posted...but I dont think it's them. They are more like a mini cottony moth... less like a mini cottony millipede. lol

Santa Ana, CA(Zone 9b)

Whitefly of some sort.
I have the best website on them posted thanks to an earlier question... lemme see if I can find it.

Colorado Springs, CO(Zone 6a)

How big are white flies?

Colorado Springs, CO(Zone 6a)

Ok I figured this one out from a post on the Brug forum.

mealy bug predators!

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