Info please, Got links?

Lorain, OH(Zone 5b)

I want to know more, I have some cool succulants, and would love to know about species, latin names and so forth. Can anybody recomend a good book (much more portable than my computer) and some links too. Also does anybody have any SASE for a begining collector? Maybe some Moss Rose Portulaca seeds or an Aloa Vera plant? Please feel free to check out my trade/SASE list here at Daves Garden.
I curently have Autom Joy Sedum in red & pink, 3 kinds of hens&chicks, common green sedum, varigated sedum, Dragon's Blood sedum, & Donkeys tail sedum. I also have a Jade plant, and X-mas & Easter Cactuses. I make living wreaths with the common green sedum.

(Zone 4b)

Hey Michelle!
my favourite link for identification is at desert-tropicals. It kicks big honking plant-butt! Excellent photos, and you can look up the latin names or common names of plants!
Here's the link:

North Wales, PA(Zone 6a)

Oooh...I love Dragon's Blood sedum!

Valley Village, CA

Go to Cactus Mall, get every available free catalogue that you can and never, never toss them out. Crasulady

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